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Recoverite - Feed your body what it wants and needs


Take this concept to heart: "When you're done with your workout, you're not really done... not until you take care of replenishing your body with fuel." So, starting today, when you finish a workout, before you begin your stretching (or other post-exercise recovery ritual), get in the shower, or lie down for a while, "refill the tank" with Recoverite or Organic Vegan Recoverite right away. That's when your workout is truly done. And if you do this routinely, you will reap some serious increased endurance benefits.

Did you know that your body wants to reward you for the efforts you make in training? It’s true! When you provide your body with Recoverite’s high-quality carbohydrates and protein right away—within the first 30 minutes (the sooner, the better)—here’s what happens:

  • The muscle cells are restocked with fuel so that you have it on board and ready to serve you for the next day’s workout. In fact, the more consistently you train AND resupply the body with fuel, the more completely your body will respond by storing more and more minutes of fuel in the muscles. (This is a real bonus when you toe the line at your upcoming events.)
  • Your muscle tissue has the raw materials (amino acids) it needs to become stronger, which allows you to increase your training volume and intensity without your muscles taking as much of a beating.
  • The amount of soreness you experience from one workout to the next will be greatly diminished.
  • Your immune system gets stronger, reducing the possibility of missing training days due to being sick.

All of these benefits are yours. And it’s so easy! Train wisely and replenish right away! Simple! But do remember that what you put in your body for post-exercise replenishment determines the quality of your recovery. The adage “garbage in, garbage out” definitely applies to post-exercise fuel replenishment. You cannot hope to make improvements in your athletic performance or support optimal health if you indiscriminately chow down on junk. Sugar, fat, and lactose? Those things just aren’t going to cut it if you hope to get the full value of all the time and energy you put into your training.

What your body wants and needs is Recoverite or Organic Vegan Recoverite. They’ll give your body the necessary complex carbohydrates and protein it’s craving, as well as other important nutrients—L-glutamine, chromium, L-carnosine, and electrolytes—that will help it recover quicker and more completely.


While the activities we perform during workouts are the most important part of our training, if we neglect to recover properly, we don’t obtain the maximum value of our efforts. Remember, the gains we make in our training occur during recovery, but only in the presence of adequate rest and optimal nutritional support. If we don’t attend to that, we not only miss out on the benefits of our workouts, we can create more problems, such as getting sick or injured.

Don’t let that happen to you, especially now that the 2020 season is just around the corner, with training volume and intensity increasing soon and key events happening in the not-to-distant future. Feed your body what it wants and needs after your training sessions: Recoverite or Organic Vegan Recoverite. Your body will appreciate it and reward you handsomely. We guarantee it!

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