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2020 New Products


2020 was a year of new and exciting products for Hammer Nutrition. We never stop striving to improve our products for you, our clients. Here are the things we added this year:


2020 was a huge year for CBD with new products across Hammer’s entire Gold Standard CBD line! First, we introduced a 1500 mg CBD tincture, which is the most affordable CBD you can buy. Our CBD balm now comes in a new stick container for easy application. Plus, there’s a new Balm Sample! Speaking of samples, we introduced 4-count softgel samples so everyone can easily try CBD and find their ideal dose.


As the endurance season winds to a close and athletes begin tapering and thinking about holiday parties, ChitoLean is your ally to help with all the great food and heavy dinners. It’s made with chitosan, which binds to fat and blocks its absorption.

HEED® - Cherry Bomb Flavor

This new flavor of HEED finally landed this fall! Cherry Bomb is everything you’re used to from HEED—healthy, long-lasting energy with electrolytes—along with 25 mg of caffeine and 500 mg of taurine per serving. It’s HEED with a kick!

Doggie Daily Essentials

Hammer’s first product for your furry best friend! It’s packed with human-grade ingredients from some of our most popular supplements for the overall health, recovery, mood, and well-being of your pup.

More exciting new products are in the works! In 2021, you’ll also see a new body care line and the return of client-favorites AO Booster and Phytomax.

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