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The time-proven, "real deal" endurance fuel!

By Steve Born

Ever since its introduction in 2003, Perpetuem has been put to the test in the most grueling events imaginable and come out on top. From summiting Mount Everest to crossing the English Channel to the Deca Ironman and everything in between, Perpetuem proved to be the supreme ultra fuel.

But before releasing it to the public, I took Perpetuem on one final torture test, I mean endurance challenge - using it as my primary source of calories to become the first and only person in history to do the "Double Furnace Creek 508" - and set a record in October 2002 that still stands today, unchallenged. A finish-to- start, start-to-finish crossing of the brutal Furnace Creek 508 route with a total of 1,016 miles and approximately 70,000 feet of climbing. During 82:16:34 of almost continuous pedaling with only a 4-hour sleep break, Perpetuem supplied 80% of my total calories!!

I spotted the field the first 508 miles and still finished 21st overall in the actual race. No stomach upset, roller coaster energy levels or GI distress, just smooth sustained energy. Can any energy/ hydration/sugar/salt/citric acid drink mix match that? Think you can do that on gummy bears, Payday candy bars, rice balls, and stroopwafels? Nope! The remaining calories were supplied by Almond Raisin Hammer Bars and a nice meal before the official start in Ventura. 3-4 Endurolytes per hour allowed me to maintain perfect electrolyte balance with no cramps whatsoever. Hourly doses of Anti-Fatigue Caps and Tissue Rejuvenator were also crucial to my success.

So, if you've never tried Perpetuem, and you like to go long - and especially if you've been using another so-called "endurance fuel", most of which are loaded with refined sugars (sucrose, glucose, fructose, dextrose), excessive sodium and way too much citric acid - it's time to give this "real deal" fuel a thorough test. You can absolutely rely on Perpetuem to fuel your body with three sources of calories - complex carbs, protein, and lipids (fat) - and get you where you want to go, no matter how far or difficult that distance may be, guaranteed!

Perpetuem's ultra-effective formula


Complex carbohydrates - Consistent, reliable energy DOES NOT come from simple sugars, so if the fuel you're using contains any "ose" sugars (glucose, sucrose, fructose, etc.), it's time to make an immediate change. Perpetuem's complex carbohydrate (maltodextrin) allows your body to absorb a greater volume of calories than simple sugar-based fuels do. The goal in fueling is to provide your body with calories that are readily available for conversion to energy, and without delay from the GI tract to the blood stream (i.e., no stomach distress). Plus, complex carbohydrates supply a longer-lasting energy than simple sugars, which result in undesirable "peak and valley" energy levels. When it comes to high-quality, sustained energy, complex carbohydrates are the undisputed champion every time!

Soy protein - When exercise goes into the second hour and beyond, it's important to consume some protein along with complex carbohydrates. At this time, about 5-15% of your caloric utilization comes from protein, and if the fuel you are consuming doesn't supply it, your body will have to rely on "burning" your muscle tissue to satisfy its protein requirements. When your muscle tissue is cannibalized for energy, it can cause premature muscle fatigue - due to excess ammonia production and buildup from the protein breakdown process - as well as excessive muscle tissue breakdown and post-exercise soreness. If you work out for a few hours without protein in your fuel mix, you can count on poorer-than- hoped-for exercise performance and a recovery period that is much longer than desired. It's as simple as that.

Healthy fat - The longer you exercise, the more your body relies on stored fatty acids to satisfy its fueling requirements. The small percentage of healthy, soy-derived fat in Perpetuem can help to cue your body to more liberally release its fatty acid stores, allowing them to be more readily available as a source of energy. A little fat in fuel also slightly slows the rate of digestion and thus promotes "caloric satisfaction," another attractive plus, especially during primarily aerobic ultra-distance events.

Sodium tribasic phosphate - If you really want to "beat the burn" you want sodium phosphate, arguably the most effective acid-buffering agent there is. Sodium phosphate neutralizes the effects of excess lactic acid and helps to increase endurance by balancing the acid/alkaline levels in the blood. Phosphates are also part of a compound found in red blood cells known as 2,3-DPG, an enzyme that releases oxygen from hemoglobin into the muscle cells. The sodium phosphate in Perpetuem helps to maximize your body's concentrations of 2,3-DPG, improving the availability of oxygen to working muscles and aiding endurance.

Perpetuem's auxiliary nutrients

Perpetuem's complex carbohydrates, soy protein, healthy fats, and sodium phosphate place it light years ahead of the glut of "endurance fuels" currently littering the market. Perpetuem doesn't stop there, however; the formula also contains the following beneficial nutrients:

  • L-carnosine - Not only is this compound a perfect acid-buffering complement to sodium phosphate, it's also a potent antioxidant.
  • L-carnitine - For your body to use fats as a fuel source with any efficiency, it needs l-carnitine. This nutrient, rapidly depleted during even moderately intense exercise, is the "ferry" that transports fatty acids into the mitochondria (energy-producing "furnaces") of muscle cells so that these fats can be used to produce energy.
  • Chromium polynicotinate - Efficient carbohydrate metabolism and stable blood sugar levels are a must during exercise, and no other nutrient supports these beneficial functions better than this trace mineral.
  • Choline bitartrate - Depleted during prolonged and/or strenuous exercise, this nutrient is a necessity for the metabolism of fats.

Bottom line:

For 12 years and counting, Perpetuem has been successfully used by thousands of athletes in the world's toughest endurance contests. Using Perpetuem during your longer-duration workouts and races allows you to stay focused on the job at hand and not have to worry about coming up short on energy or getting sick from your fuel. HN

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