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Victoria Grammar

Triathlon - Hammering Since: 2008

Hey there! My name is Victoria Grammar but I go by Torie. I’ve been hammering since 2008. My first Hammer product was Hammer Gel. I used it when riding my bike in training for a century bike ride in Tucson Arizona. My first experience with Hammer was with my son during his high school track career. We would give him Hammer Gel to keep him from cramping. I decided that I should also start using it and I haven’t stopped!

I mainly compete in triathlon, but I more or less focus on completing then competing. My main love is the bike. I enjoy road, mountain, and recently gravel. I love riding my bike more than running and swimming but obviously those are important in a triathlon, so I do them as well! I do love other outdoor sports, such as Alpine skiing and hiking and trail running on occasion.

I also like to bake and cook. I sometimes like to find ways to use Hammer products in my baking.

I use the Hammer supplements as well as the fuels and recovery. I have very little to no cartilage in either of my knees and the Tissue Rejuvenator has been a game changer for me. It has really helped me run without swelling or pain in my knees.

I think one of my favorite products would have to be Fully Charged. It gives me enough energy to get a good solid workout in or sustain an endurance run/ride. I use so many of the products it’s truly difficult to say exactly which one is my favorite of them all! The flavors are great, definitely anything chocolate I am a fan of, but I’d have to say that Caffe’ Latte has to be my favorite flavor in Perpetuem.

I am proud to be a Hammer athlete! I enjoy sharing things that are positive in my life and using Hammer products has definitely been a positive in my sport and in my endurance activities. I enjoy the community of fellow sponsored athletes and the support and encouragement I receive from the team at Hammer Nutrition. They really make me feel like I am part of a family!

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