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Tor Gudmundsen

Ultra Running - Hammering Since: 2012

I have been running for most of my life and early on, Orienteering was my main sport. Ran cross country in High School and College (Frontier Conference Champion with Montana Tech). Picked up running and Orienteering again about 2005, and my current active running streak started in 2006. Won several Orienteering age group US Championship medals, including a gold in 2010. Ran several local (Montana) road races and my first Marathon in 2011 (Whitefish), followed a month later by my first Ultra (LeGrizz 50 miler). Ran in local races until 2019, when I tried my luck at the bigger stage, including my first 100 miler (Grandmasters, AZ) and first 24 Hour race (Six Days in the Dome, WI). I have run 27 ultras, and my running streak is currently (4/2023) 6,000+ days and almost 70,000 miles. My best performances are 133.9 miles in 24 Hours and 16:24 for the 100 miles both set at age 55.

I heard about Hammer Nutrition through sponsored local races and some research into cramping after my 2012 LeGrizz, which initially led me to Endurolytes, which I have used ever since.  The list of Hammer products I use regularly has grown considerably over the last 10 years. For training and racing, I use some combination of Hammer Gels, HEED, Perpetuem, and Endurolytes depending on duration and intensity and supplement with Tissue Rejuvenator, Anti-Fatigue Caps, Endurance BCAA+, and Fizz. For recovery, it’s Recoverite.

I just love getting out the door for my daily run. It helps clear my mind and get me ready for a busy workday. Keeping my 16+ year running streak alive also motivates me on some of the more challenging days. I also love to compete and I am motivated and inspired by fellow age group racers still performing extremely strong even way beyond my own years - many of them Hammer Athletes!

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