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Stu Oberg

Road Cycling - Hammering Since: 2020

My name is Stu Oberg, I’m 5’8” and 150 lbs.  I live in California, MD, which is around an hour south of Washington DC and considered a suburb/rural area in some cases.  I have a wife of 6 years, a 2-year-old son, and a four month old son.  We love Hammer Nutrition products and consume them daily, and have been doing so for 3+ years now.  They have helped all of us significantly in fitness gains and specifically for me, winning road and Zwift races!  I’m a member of a cycling racing club named PaxVelo (USA cycling and Navy affiliated) and we host weekly road races (from April to September) that are categorized based on fitness levels and divided into different series throughout the county.  This past year I have been able to make the podium almost weekly, racing against good competition of those on renowned road racing teams named Bike Doctor, Whole Wheel Velo, and others.  

I grew up in Baltimore, MD, USA and was poor for a number of years eating one meal per day, but God was there for me and helped my family through those hard times, I played lots of lacrosse growing up (position midfield) and through college with my brother (position goalie) and our college team we ranked in the Top 20 of NCAA men’s college lacrosse for 2 years.  Through the introduction of endurance road cycling/racing both outdoors and indoors/Zwift in 2017, my continuing passion for the rest of my life is to do that now while supporting my family.  I do that while working as a Program Manager in systems engineering with my engineering degree, and preaching / teaching / leading praise & worship as an elder/pastor through my local Baptist church using my recent master of arts in Biblical studies degree.

I've been at road cycling for over five years now, and started racing via outdoors road and indoors Zwift eRacing in January 2021.  Based on my fitness and race performance improvements, I was recruited for the Zwift eRacing team named KISS RT (Keep It Super Simple Racing Team), they are one of the original Zwift eRacing teams that has significantly help shape and form eRacing over the years for Zwift.  I receive coaching for not only eRacing, but for the outdoor racing I do as well through both of these teams that I’m on.  I can honestly say that from October to March when I’m eRacing weekly for KISS RT on Zwift, when I enter the outdoor racing season in April, I feel like I’m steps ahead of those who don’t train in the winter on Zwift, it is amazing.  All this to say, Hammer Nutrition has played a key role in my whole-body performance while I regiment my nutrition, along with adequate sleep, and proper systematic training in my abilities.  I’m very happy with the results and continue to excel in both Zwift eRacing and outdoors racing in PaxVelo, with a big thanks to Hammer Nutrition!

I make a great Hammer Nutrition representative in that I have led numerous people that I know at my job, local racing, virtual racing, and my church to you that now purchases and uses your products.  I live in a populous area where endurance sports are popular and a lot of people are looking for gains through nutrition and training to better perform.  Here is my Strava profile ( ) and here is my Zwift Power profile ( ).  In both profile pictures, I’m representing Hammer Nutrition.  I have marketed Hammer Nutrition in not only by wearing your kits regularly, but also acting as a “volunteer” salesman that hands out Secrets of Success booklets to friends and others I ride with.  My goal is not to hoard the invaluable nutritional knowledge of Hammer Nutrition and its products, but to share it with as many people as possible to better themselves, which in turn helps me get better when racing and riding with them!  As you can tell from my Hammer Nutrition account, I have spent hundreds of dollars monthly on your products for myself and my family, and don’t ever plan to stop, Lord willing.

I have attached “hammer nutrition regimen - oberg_05-04-2023” which shows how I use the numerous Hammer products in my riding and racing :D.  Hammer Nutrition has helped me through email dialogs to refine my plan based on my performance, height, weight, and racing desires to make podiums.  I like all the Hammer Nutrition products equally that I use, because all of them working together, complementing and supplementing each other, brings about a holistic approach to my nutritional needs in order for me to perform at my full potential day in and day out!  I use hammer gel, energy surge, endurance bcaa+, anti-fatigue caps, mito caps, race caps supreme, tissue rejuvenator, endurolytes, HEED, endurolytes extreme powder, Perpetuem, vegan recoverite, xobaline, AO booster, essential mg, super antioxidant, CBD pills for sleep, and hammer energy bars :D.

I race weekly throughout the year.  Zwift eRacing from October to March in major categorized global racing events on my KISS RT racing team, and also weekly outdoor main racing events through my cycling outdoor racing team PaxVelo in the lower Washington DC area.

Here is my Facebook profile page, (I’m wearing a Hammer kit in this profile photo with my sons).  Here is my Strava profile ( ) and here is my Zwift Power profile ( ).  In both profile pictures, I’m representing Hammer Nutrition.

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