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Brad Daniels

Ultra Paddling - Hammering Since: 2014

I started paddling in 2013. I heard of a 340-mile canoe race across the state of Missouri and decided that I wanted to give it a shot, just to see if I could finish. I feared water in general, especially that big river, and paddling at night, and I wanted to overcome those fears. That first year, I  ate real food, felt terrible the whole time, and finished in 67 hours. The following year, I decided to try again. That year, I heard about Perpetuem and gave it a shot. I felt much better and finished in 56 hours. At that point, I decided I wanted to join the elite 50-hour club, so I went all in with Hammer products. I fueled with Perpetuem and Hammer Bars and followed the “Supplementing for Epic Events” guidelines to the letter. Since then, I have had two 42-hour solo finishes, a 36-hour team finish, and a 33-hour “Voyager Division” finish.  Those finishes earned me three class wins, two of which were also the overall and two-course records. Obviously, I have learned a lot about training and racing along the way, but I attribute much of my success to Hammer fuels and supplements! I have found nothing better.

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