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Patrick High

Ironman / Spartan - Hammering Since: 2003

My name is Patrick High.  I have been a Hammer athlete since 2003.  I was introduced to Hammer products by my good friend Jeff Cuddeback.  At one time, Jeff held the Ironman AG World Record in 3 different age groups simultaneously!  My background was mostly recreational running. 

I had a bit of life change at age 41 and immersed myself into Ironman for the next 15 years with the support of Hammer products the entire time.  Sustained Energy, Perpetuem, Recoverite, and Hammer supplements became staples in my life.  While competing in IM events, I learned all I could about the sport including nutrition.  I was fortunate to qualify for, compete in, and AG podium in 8 of 8 Ironman World championship events.  My testimonial for Hammer is simple.  I trained with Hammer products and consistently delivered quality results.   I never, not a single time, bonked or had GI issues.  This level of consistency is a rarity in endurance sport.  

Last year, at 60, I transitioned to Spartan, Hyrox, and Deka events.   These sports don’t require endurance fueling at the same level as IM events.  However, I continue to use Hammer supplements, fuel with Hammer bars, and recover with Recoverite! 

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