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Jordan Taylor

Triathlon / Motorsport - Hammering Since: 2018

My name is Jordan Taylor and I’ve been a Hammer athlete since 2018. I was always involved in endurance racing on the motorsport side, but never competed in any endurance athletic events. Once I started training for triathlons, it was much easier to see the benefits of proper fueling strategies and how they directly impacted performance. Nutrition has always been overlooked on the motorsport side, but there are so many similarities between the different forms of endurance sports. Working with Hammer, it was a not just a major gain for my hobby of triathlon, but being able to bring that Hammer Nutrition knowledge to my professional career and implement those fueling strategies to my race weekends has been a game changer. Whether it’s a 100 minute street race in Long Beach or a 24 hour race at Daytona or Le Mans, I am always using Hammer products to help enhance and support my on track performance.

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