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Subscription Management Guide

As an active member of our subscribe & save program, you can fully manage your subscription online via your account here at Hammer Nutrition. In this guide, we walk you through managing your existing subscription(s).

If you have any questions, comments, or need assistance managing your subscription, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Table of Contents

Viewing Your Subscriptions

If you have an active subscription with us, you can view and manage it right here on our website at any time.

Navigate to your account and select 'Manage Subscription' from the navigation:

Manage subscription navigation in my account


You'll be taken to the subscription management dashboard which gives you full control over your subscriptions. Below, we cover the controls you have in each of the sections in this dashboard.

View & Manage Your Upcoming Order

By default, you'll land on the 'View your next order' section in the subscription dashboard. From here you have full control over your next upcoming renewal.

Next order subscription dashboard landing page


Send, Reschedule, or Skip Your Next Order

By selecting any of these three options, you can send your next renewal order immediately, reschedule it to a different date in the future, or skip just this next renewal.

Edit Delivery Address and Payment Method

Use the 'Edit address' link to change the delivery address for future subscription renewals. Use the 'Edit payment method' link to update or change the credit card used on future subscription renewals.

Manage Your Subscription Products

By clicking on 'Manage this subscription' under any of the product(s) on your upcoming order you can reschedule, skip, adjust the product variant (if applicable), adjust the quantity, adjust the frequency, swap the product for a different one, or cancel that product subscription.

Add a Product to Your Upcoming Order (Subscription or One-Time)

Using the 'You may also like' section, you can add additional products to your upcoming subscription renewal. You may add subscription products that renew in the future at their appropriate discount, or you may add a one-time product that will only apply to your next upcoming order.

All one-time products are added at a 5% discount off retail and are not restricted to items that are available on subscription. Our entire product line including clothing and gear can be added as one-time products to an upcoming order.

Add a product screen

View Upcoming Orders

You can view all upcoming orders for the next 180 days and manage each individually from this section. You have full control over your next order and limited control over orders beyond that in the future.

Upcoming orders section

Syncing Subscriptions Renewing on Different Days

If you started multiple subscriptions that renew on different days of the month, they will show here. To streamline your subscription, we suggest syncing all your subscriptions onto the same day of the month. Doing so would reduce the number of shipments you'll receive and prevent any unnecessary shipping charges due to smaller orders.

To do this, click edit next to the upcoming order(s) that renew on different days than the primary renewal day you'd like. Click 'Manage Subscription' next to the product(s) on this day. Click 'Reschedule' and 'Choose a specific date'.

Find the date you'd prefer all your subscriptions to renew and select it. If you have other orders scheduled for that day already, it will be highlighted in red. Once selected, hit 'Save Changes'.

Sync Subscriptions Date Select

View Previous Orders

Select this option to view your previous subscription renewal orders and to view details for each.

Note that this section will only show subscription orders. Visit the order history section of your account to see all orders placed on our website, including subscription orders and renewals.

Manage Subscriptions

Visit this section to see all the products you're subscribed to. From here you can manage each subscription. You can reschedule, skip, cancel, modify the item, change the cadence, and swap the item for a different one.

Changes will impact all future renewals.

All Subscriptions page

Address & Payment Details

Manage your name, email, phone number, addresses, and payment methods from this section.

Address & Payments for Subscriptions


If you need assistance managing your subscription, we are happy to help! Please get in touch with our customer service team and we can assist with any changes you'd like to make.


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