Referral Program Policy

The goal of the referral program is to provide an incentive for existing clients to refer users they personally know to Hammer Nutrition. Referrals are defined as visits by first-time purchasers to the Hammer Nutrition storefront through any source or medium. Referrers are defined as those who provide referral references, traffic, links, or anything similar through the use of codes, links, or any type of referring action pointing at the Hammer Nutrition website or phone line. All referrers are agreeing to abide by the following guidelines. Hammer Nutrition holds the right to suspend or remove the accounts, referral privileges, and/or the associated credit resulting from actions that Hammer Nutrition deems outside the guidelines and principles outlined in this document. Questions or information on your account status can be addressed by emailing


Participating referral program users do not represent Hammer Nutrition or the views of the company. Hammer Nutrition is not responsible for any of the actions or publicized information provided by its affiliates or users posing as affiliates.



  • Referrers may not share referral links by linking on spam sites, spam or mass emailing, using bots or automated systems, or directly spamming links in any way.
  • Referrers may not place links or codes on coupon, deal, or discount sites. (Including but not limited to sites such as,, or don’
  • Referrers may not link from spam/gambling/pornographic/offensive sites.
  • If applicable, website owners must provide a referrers disclaimer on their website where Hammer Nutrition referral links are placed.
  • Websites or webpages created with the sole purpose of generating and driving traffic for the Hammer Nutrition referral program are not allowed.

Hammer Nutrition referral links must be clearly marked and easily legible. Examples of offending links or linking practices would be those utilizing any type of cloaking, misleading anchor text, redirect services, visual tricks, or similar.


Referrers may not place direct referral links in any paid online advertisements such as Google AdWords. Referrers who directly compete for any Hammer Nutrition brand terms through paid or unpaid online marketing are subject to suspension from the Hammer Nutrition referral program. Direct and clear competition with Hammer Nutritions trademarked SEO terms used to generate referral credits are not allowed.


All referrers utilizing referral links with advertised pricing must adhere to our Minimum Advertised Pricing policies. Any information about the referral program placed on a site by a referrer must be accurate to the official program guidelines, available online at: Hammer Nutrition's Referral Program.


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