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Style Guide

Please read our Style Guide before you download the artwork for logo use.

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Event Directors, please choose one of the badge logos for your media materials.

Hammer Nutrition Badge - Red

Badge Full Text Red

Hammer Badge - Red

Badge Red

2006 Red Crank

Red Crank

Hammer Nutrition Badge - Black

Badge Full Text Black

Hammer Badge - Black

Badge Black

2006 Black Crank

Black Crank

Use the Hammer Badge on simple marketing materials to promote the brand name such as event banners, stickers, or t-shirts.

Vector Files

Scalable to any size without distortion.
.eps Ex: Large print projects such as event banners.
.svg Ex: For use on the web & can be animated. Also commonly used for cutting and embroidering machines.

Hammer Nutrition Red Badge EPS
Hammer Nutrition Red Badge SVG
Hammer Nutrition Black Badge EPS
Hammer Nutrition Black Badge SVG
Red Crank EPS
Red Crank SVG
Black Crank EPS
Black Crank SVG
Hammer Red Badge EPS
Hammer Red Badge SVG
Hammer Black Badge EPS
Hammer Black Badge SVG

PDF Files

An alternative to .eps.
Can be opened and manipulated with Illustrator, or simply opened for viewing with Acrobat.
Convenient for projects that need to be viewed by multiple parties who may or may not use Illustrator - such as labels, print projects, or clothing art files.
.pdf files also often hold final print instructions for items such as business cards or flyers.

Hammer Nutrition Red Badge PDF
Hammer Nutrition Black Badge PDF
Red Crank PDF
Black Crank PDF
Hammer Red Badge PDF
Hammer Black Badge PDF

CMYK Files

4 colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) necessary for printing.
Best suited for print material such as magazine or programs, advertisements and brochures.

Hammer Nutrition Red Badge EPS
Hammer Nutrition Black Badge EPS
Red Crank EPS
Black Crank EPS
Hammer Red Badge EPS
Hammer Black Badge EPS

RGB Files

3 colors (Red, Green, Blue)
Best suited for the web (think of the 3 colors like on a TV).
Not scalable without some distortion. Best to go big and scale down.
Typical web size (72 dpi) and large (300 dpi).

Hammer Nutrition Red Badge JPG
Hammer Nutrition Red Badge PNG
Hammer Nutrition Red Badge GIF
Hammer Nutrition Black Badge JPG
Hammer Nutrition Black Badge PNG
Hammer Nutrition Black Badge GIF
Red Crank JPG
Red Crank PNG
Red Crank GIF
Black Crank JPG
Black Crank PNG
Black Crank GIF
Hammer Red Badge JPG
Hammer Red Badge PNG
Hammer Black Badge JPG
Hammer Black Badge PNG


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