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After I completed my first Race Across America (RAAM) in the summer of 1988 (in spite of all the mistakes I made), I realized that if I wanted to do that or any other ultra-distance race again, I would need some guidance on pretty much everything. The list of “things to fix” was quite lengthy.

One of the things I hadn’t given much thought to before RAAM—but certainly did during the race when I was dealing with stomach issues most of the time and after the race when I felt rather lousy energy-wise—was supplementation/fueling. I started thinking that there just has to be some way I can get a better handle on this not-much-discussed aspect of being an endurance athlete.

While at a post-RAAM party at a friend’s house, I noticed a couple of bottles of pills in the kitchen, both made by a company called E-CAPS, one labeled Race Caps and the other Enduro Caps. It seemed to me that these were products that might help improve my endurance and workout/race performance, so I memorized the 800 number on the label and decided to give the company a call.

When I did, I spoke directly with the company owner, Brian Frank, and it’s a call I’ll never forget. Brian, though he had never met me, was genuinely interested in my athletic endeavors. We spent at least 30 minutes talking about endurance athletics and my involvement in RAAM and other ultra-distance cycling events before any product was ever mentioned. All in all, we must have been on the phone for over an hour. Never before had anyone from any company—let alone the owner—spent so much time with me, and with a sincere passion to help me become a better athlete. He also said that if I needed further assistance I could call him any time.

Needless to say, I started on the products as soon as they arrived. And over the years, I had many, many phone calls with Brian, who always asked me how I was and whether there was anything he could do to help me achieve my goals. While the products he produced worked so well that this alone would have kept me a REGULAR customer, it was the genuineness of Brian’s customer service and making me feel like family that blew me away and made me a FOREVER customer.

Corresponding with Brian and his staff in those early days, and every day since I started working for Brian nearly 20 years ago, I am regularly reminded that excellent customer service is his and his company’s M.O. Knowing Brian for as long as I have (over 30 years), I can tell you without any hesitation whatsoever that he is beyond passionate about providing the best possible service there is.

Brian states: “Superlative products and the expertise to put them to their best effect certainly are key, but how a company interacts with its customers is even more important. From day one, we've strived to treat every client exactly the way we want to be treated when we are on the other side of the counter—fairly, honestly, and individually. We do everything possible to ensure that is what you experience when you do business with us. Our reputation for 5-star customer service has been earned by living this principle every day for the past 30+ years. I still read every feedback submission we receive and work directly with my staff to ensure that every issue is handled to my satisfaction. It takes a lot of work and resources to maintain my standards, but it's the only way I'm willing to run my company.”

This is what you can expect from each and every one of us who work for Hammer Nutrition. We treat you like you are important to us because you are; it’s just that simple. When you call our offices, you'll be treated like a real person, not just a number, and you'll talk to a trained advisor. We'll ask questions to get to know you and your goals so we can recommend the right supplements and fuels in the right amounts at the right times for YOUR situation.

So whether you've got questions, concerns, suggestions, or a spectacular success story, give us a call, and you’ll experience the best customer support and service in the industry! We’re at 800.336.1977, and we’re at your service!

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