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Hammer Nutrition’s Superior Electrolyte Replenishment Products


For the overwhelming majority of the country, this is the hottest time of the year. Heck, we’ve even had temperatures well above 90 degrees here in Northwest Montana! Especially at this time of the year, and with these hot-weather conditions, it’s crucial to replenish your body with adequate amounts of electrolytic minerals.

At Hammer Nutrition, we remain vigilant in reminding athletes that proper fueling during exercise requires more than just calories and fluids; it involves consistent and adequate electrolyte support as well. As we’re fond of saying, electrolytes are comparable to the motor oil in your car—they don’t make the engine run, but they’re absolutely necessary to keep everything running smoothly. Proper functioning of the digestive, nervous, cardiovascular, and muscular systems depends on adequate electrolyte levels.

Fortunately, Hammer Nutrition’s superior electrolytic mineral formulas—Endurolytes, Endurolytes Fizz, Endurolytes Extreme, and Endurolytes Extreme Powder—are ready to work for you. No matter your weight, body type, or fitness level, or what the weather throws at you, one of Hammer Nutrition’s Endurolytes products has you covered!

Endurolytes – Our original full-spectrum formula, supplied in capsules for greater flexibility with your dosing. The low-salt (sodium chloride) content complements a healthy, low-salt diet.

"I have taken these capsules for years and they definitely aid in balancing my electrolytes, especially during the hot summer months when I am running. I have confidence that I will stay balanced when I take them."

Endurolytes Fizz – If capsules aren’t for you, Endurolytes Fizz is what you’re looking for. Add these rapidly dissolving tablets to your water bottle to create a delicious, sugar-free, full-spectrum, effervescent electrolyte drink.

"We live in the Southwest and play a lot of golf year-round, where in the summer you exceed 100-degree temperatures. This product provides you with electrolytes that help keep you hydrated. The beauty of it is it contains no sugar and it has a price point that is a lot less than its competitors. We love it!"

Endurolytes Extreme – Designed for harsh conditions, high heat, the unacclimatized, and those with elevated salt needs, our Endurolytes formula (supplied in capsules) offers three times the sodium chloride and potassium content of standard Electrolytes. Despite the increase of these specific minerals, the Extreme formula maintains a complete blend of electrolytes.

"I sweat so much, and I really have to be careful with longer or harder effort runs in the heat or even any time of the year. These have been a life-saver!"

Endurolytes Extreme Powder – All the benefits of Endurolytes Extreme capsules in an easy-to-mix powder. Endurolytes Extreme Powder dissolves quickly and completely, with a subtle, natural watermelon flavor. Consume in water alone or add it to your liquid fuels according to your unique dosing needs. The mild flavor makes it easy to drink all day, while the lack of residue makes it perfect for hydration packs and bottles of any form.

"I mix this into my Perpetuem for my bike fuel in endurance racing and training. I would never be without this product."

We also offer HEED, Hammer Nutrition’s superior sports drink, which not only contains 100 calories per scoop, but also the number of electrolytes found in one (1) Endurolytes capsule.

All year long, but especially at this time of the year (wow, is it hot!), Hammer Nutrition has your electrolyte needs covered!

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