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Hammer Nutrition’s Superior Clothing Offerings!

Premium Quality, Awesome Designs, Unheard-of Great Prices


Ever since we started selling Hammer Nutrition logo clothing many years ago—technical gear (cycling, triathlon, and more), casual clothing, and headwear—we have stayed true to our principals:

  • Superior quality from mostly US-made apparel
  • Sharp-looking, eye-catching designs
  • Minimal markup

We constantly work with or leading manufacturers like Voler and Bergamo to create clothing that features state of the art fabric and construction, custom graphics, and oh-so-cool colors. Long before it becomes an official Hammer Nutrition offering, we put it to the test ourselves. It’s only after it passes our stringent requirements for top-of-the-line comfort, performance, and style, that we’re completely satisfied to offer it to you.

Best of all, you can purchase this great clothing at prices that are barely above what we pay for it! The reason? It’s another way we can say “thank you for your support!” Also, we fully understand that you’re representing and promoting Hammer Nutrition by wearing our logo clothing during your athletic endeavors, which is why we’re pleased to provide it to you at more-than-reasonable prices.

Our latest catalog and our website provide all technical details on our clothing. Features such as:

  • Flat seam construction, breathable Nova fabric, and full-hidden zippers on our cycling jerseys
  • Comfortable and durable, Italian-made Lux fabric and state-of-the art Comp HD pads-- supreme comfort and functionality—on our cycling shorts and bibs
  • Pulse/Alito—a light weight, breathable, form fitting and extremely comfortable fit—on our triathlon tops, which also include a front hidden zipper and two rear pockes
  • Lightweight, form-fitting, and super-comfortable Triton/Pulse fabric, along with moisture-wicking, ultra-smooth, and seamlessly comfortable Sync pads on our tri shorts.

Those are just some of the features you’ll find on Hammer Nutrition logo clothing! And did we mention that they’re all really great looking? You’ll stand out, in style, when you wear any or all of our clothing offerings! Available now or in the very near future (pre-orders accepted right now!), we guarantee you will love how our clothing feels and functions, and we know you’ll love the prices, the best around!

Note that while we always endeavor to keep stock levels as high as possible, our clothing is so awesome looking and so reasonably priced, that it goes FAST! Don’t be left out! Order or pre-order your Hammer Nutrition clothing today! Questions? Give us a call and talk to one of our knowledgeable support staff. We’ll be happy to help!

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