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Sugar-free for 30 days

Can you do it?

Millions of American's started 2017 with a pledge to skip the sugar. Did you join them?

A growing anti-sugar movement is raising awareness across the country. Hammer Nutrition has been advocating caution and restraint towards simple sugars since we were founded thirty years ago. We are happy to say that research continues to show that an overabundance of simple carbohydrates, sugar in particular, is the number one problem in modern diets.

So what is being done about it? Plenty.

Some people are reading more to seek out the truth about sugar. Many are paying more attention to whistleblowing efforts to bring transparency into the sugar topic. Recent revelations have shown an aggressive, well-financed campaign by the sugar industry and that soda companies are sponsoring the nation's most highly respected health institutions to manipulate public information. Hammer Nutrition has been raising awareness to these very important issues for years and we are happy to see more information being made available to the public.

Some cities are passing resolutions to affect public policy. For example, Philadelphia just passed a "sugar tax" to influence shopping behavior. Currently, an 8-pack of grape Gatorade has 96 ounces of sugar and is priced at $5.99. After the tax, it will be $9.06. The hope is to deter the unconscious consumption of unnecessary sugar. A single 16-ounce bottle of Coke has 52 grams of sugar. The tax is an effort to curb the consumption of unnecessary sugar that is affecting the public health.

Some companies are using science to try to restructure sugar entirely. If Nestle's new sugar lives up to its promise, it would represent a major milestone in the food business's never-ending quest for more healthful ways to sweeten products. Hammer Nutrition has been advocating less sugar since the beginning.

Many people are turning to structured diets like Whole 30 to guide their food choices. Similar to Hammer Nutrition's innovative, pioneering approach, many are now championing a whole food diet that is heavily plant-based, gluten-free, sugar-free, limiting salt, preservatives, and anything unnatural.

No matter who it is, or where you look, the tide towards sugar is turning. How much sugar can you avoid today? Because we recognize the health hazards associated with simple sugars, we have never included them in our fuels. From our sports drink HEED to our real food Hammer Bars, Hammer can help.

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