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Stay ahead of spring allergies!

By Hammer Nutrition

"Spring is in the air!" Most people rejoice when they hear that phrase because it signifies longer days, warmer weather, and greener scenery.

But for the nearly 50 million Americans who suffer with allergies to airborne substances - primarily the pollen from trees, weeds, and grasses - spring can be downright miserable, especially if you enjoy exercising outdoors. Instead of breathing freely and easily, you're wheezing with nearly every breath you take and stopping frequently to blow your stuffed-up nose. Instead of enjoying the scenery, you're constantly rubbing your burning, itching, watery eyes.

The cost of Rx and OTC allergy relief

Naturally, you want to resolve the problem fast. If you're like many people, you might reach for one or more of the widely promoted prescription or over-the-counter allergy medications - unaware of their possible side effects.

Older antihistamines cause drowsiness. Decongestants may raise blood pressure, cause insomnia or irritability, or restrict blood flow. Steroids, which often take a couple of weeks to become effective, can cause weight gain, high blood pressure, and (over the long term) lead to cataracts, osteoporosis, or muscle weakness. When you consider the potential trade-offs for using these popular OTC allergy products, they don't seem as appealing.

Put Clear Day and Nasol to work for you

Instead of trading the misery of allergies for the serious side effects of many Rx and OTC medications, reach for a safe, effective solution. Clear Day contains four natural "anti- allergy all-star" compounds - olive leaf extract, quercetin, bromelain, and resveratrol - that combat allergies on several fronts. The plant compounds in Clear Day have antihistamine, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, and antiviral properties.

Nasol's natural formula includes a proprietary micro-dose amount of capsaicin, the compound that makes peppers hot. This convenient nasal spray safely and effectively clears nasal passages of dirt, dust, and pollen - all major causes of sinus congestion. Nasol also soothes and moisturizes nasal passages and sinus cavities.

Numerous athletes who used Clear Day and Nasol last allergy season told us how extremely effective this combination is. We guarantee that these products will work for you, too - not just during allergy season, but anytime allergy symptoms arise, year- round. With allergy symptoms out of the way, you'll be able to enjoy training, racing, and life, again - perhaps more than you have in years.

Tips for steering clear of allergies

When spring pollen counts rise, take these steps to minimize your reaction:

1. Shut out the pollen. Keep pollen out of your home by keeping windows closed as much as possible. This includes nighttime, when you might be tempted to open a bedroom window.

2. Exercise later. Most plants are heaviest in pollen in the early morning hours of 5 a.m. to 9 a.m., says Miguel Wolbert, MD, an allergist in Evansville, Indiana. On days when very high pollen counts are expected, consider switching your morning ride to the afternoon.

3. Be proactive. Take a preventative dose of Clear Day and Nasol before you head out, rather than waiting for symptoms to arise.

4. Keep pets clean. If your dog or cat spends much time outdoors, bathe them regularly to remove the pollen that's likely to be on their fur.

5. Hit the shower. When you return from your run or ride, change your clothes and shower immediately to keep pollen from following you indoors. HN

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