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Raising the BAR


Whether you're looking for an energy bar to fuel your body during long workouts or races, or a convenient, nutritious snack or meal replacement any time during the day, we guarantee that you won't find a healthier, tastier bar than Hammer Bars. Unlike typical energy bars, Hammer Bars contain only healthy, wholesome, non-GMO, MSG-free, gluten-free, 100% certified organic ingredients.

Hammer Bars are 70-100% raw, cold processed (not baked), alkaline-forming, and high in vitamin and enzyme content. They're sweetened with only whole-food sweeteners and are an excellent source of dietary fiber. The texture of Hammer Bars is moist, they're easy to chew and digest, and the taste is utterly fantastic.

With a resume like that, it's obvious that no matter when you consume Hammer Bars, you can be completely assured that you're giving your body the very best nutrition possible. We unconditionally guarantee it!

High-quality food with energy bar convenience

There's no denying the popularity of energy bars, especially in regard to how convenient they are. Ask yourself, though, if that energy bar you're consuming is truly benefiting you. Before you answer, take a look at the list of ingredients and nutrition facts! What you'll most likely discover after reviewing energy bar labels is that most of them are nothing more than glorified candy bars, loaded with refined sugars, saturated fats, trans fats, preservatives, and other ingredients that do nothing to support enhanced athletic performance or overall health.

While undeniably delicious, Hammer Bars are a night-and-day difference than the glut of garbage-filled, candy-like bars on the market; you'd be hard-pressed to find a healthier food, let alone a healthier energy/meal replacement bar than Hammer Bars. Compare label ingredients and you'll understand why we believe that categorizing Hammer Bars as merely energy bars is a major disservice!

Using the Coconut Chocolate Chip flavor as an example, a quick look at the nutrition facts reveals a cornucopia of super healthy ingredients, all of which are 100% certified organic:

Cashew Butter, Dates, Tapioca, Coconut, Dark Chocolate Chips-Non-Dairy (Evaporated Cane Juice, Cocoa Butter, Chocolate Liquor, Vanilla), Flax, Pea Protein, Quinoa, Sacha Inchi Protein.

Based on that list of ingredients, it should be clearly evident that the search for a truly healthy bar is over. With Hammer Bars you can enjoy guilt-free convenience, knowing that you're still eating right.

You get what you pay for!

You can find plenty of cheap, buck-a-bar energy bars out there, but aside from the very real possibility that they may taste like cardboard (or worse), what should be of primary interest to you is Am I giving my body the nutrition it needs? Take a look at the ingredient list of the typical energy bar, and we're quite sure that your answer will be NO. While Hammer Bars may not be the least expensive bar on the market, the quality of the ingredients in them more than justifies the price. In fact, Hammer Bars are of such high quality (how many of us prepare a meal using such superior-quality ingredients?) that we're absolutely convinced that they are a bargain¦ you no doubt will as well!

Remember, the quality of the calories you put in your body ALWAYS counts, so don't let cost override quality. With Hammer Bars, you can be certain that you are most definitely giving your body a super high-quality food source, whether you're using them as an occasional energy source during exercise, a meal replacement, or a nutritious snack.

Last, but certainly not least, Hammer Bars are an absolutely perfect snack for kids - a significantly better choice than the plethora of sugar-saturated, junk-food bars and snacks flooding the supermarket and convenience store shelves. And the taste? Based on the feedback we've received, they're most definitely kid-friendly and kid-approved!


The oft-used adage garbage in, garbage out definitely applies to your diet, so be conscious that what you're eating throughout the day - including during your workouts - is as healthy as possible, and enjoy a Hammer Bar whenever your busy schedule requires it (or even when it doesn't). We guarantee that with Hammer Bars you won't have to sacrifice quality for convenience; they're a super high-quality food source, whether you're using them as an occasional energy source during exercise, as a meal replacement.

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