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Race Caps Supreme - For everybody, every day


I have always considered Race Caps Supreme to be an ultra-cool name for our cornerstone supplement. However, the main component in the product - Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) - is a nutrient that's not just for athletes, and it's most definitely not just for enhancing race performance. The truth is that all people - athletes and non-athletes alike, and especially those over 20 years old - will benefit from daily use of Race Caps Supreme. Here's why:

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a vitally important catalyst (think "spark plug") for the efficient production of energy from your food and oxygen intake, which makes it a must have, must use nutrient for enhancing athletic performance: higher energy levels, increased endurance, and improved recovery. The importance of CoQ10 goes far beyond athletic performance enhancement, however. Here are just a few comments from some highly respected nutritional scientists regarding how important CoQ10 is:

"Without CoQ10 or a good substitute, human life quickly ends."
James South, MA

That CoQ10 plays a crucial role in aging is beyond doubt. The same applies to CoQ10's role in the immune system. And there is a vital connection between the immune system and aging that cannot be ignored.
Emile G. Bliznakov, MD

"CoQ10 is energy on call. I have long considered CoQ10 a wonder nutrient because of its ability to support heart health.
Dr. Stephen Sinatra

CoQ10 will stimulate muscle to produce energy in mitochondria. It gives the body total nutritional compliment to mend itself. It may even possibly be the key to longevity because it is the only one that lives in all cell lipid membranes in the body.
Dr. William Judy

Additional benefits attributed to CoQ10 include:

  • Helping to lower blood pressure
  • Promoting healthy teeth and gums
  • Supporting healthy skin by providing protection against UV radiation
  • Improving blood circulation
  • Alleviating asthma and allergy symptoms
  • Mitigating chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Protecting against neurodegenerative diseases and mental health disorders
  • Enhanced lung function
  • Helping to fight against metabolic syndrome and diabetes

...and much more.

As we age, both our bodily supply of CoQ10 and our ability to synthesize this nutrient from food diminish. CoQ10 levels in humans peak at around the age of 20 and then decline with each passing year. It is believed that by the age of 40, the body has 40% less CoQ10 than at age 20, and 60% less at age 70. In fact, it is estimated that as many as 75% of people over the age of 50 in the U.S. could be deficient in CoQ10, making supplementation of this crucially important nutrient absolutely essential for the majority of us.

Headed up by CoQ10, and accompanied by several other complementary nutrients, Race Caps Supreme is an extraordinarily beneficial daily use supplement for so many reasons. Whether you're a hardcore competitive athlete, a recreational one, or a health-conscious individual, you'll definitely benefit from daily supplementation with Race Caps Supreme.

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