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Phytolean - Your off-season weight-control weapon

By Steve Born

For most athletes it's the off-season, a time when many of us resign ourselves to weight gain thanks to training less and eating more. If that scenario sounds all-too familiar, don't be dismayed. With a bit of effort on your part - and a powerful assist from Phytolean - this can be the year you don't pack on those unwanted pounds.

Think of the advantages: Instead of spending the winter months struggling to return to your normal weight, you'll already be there. Not only will you feel better, but you'll also have a massive head start on achieving your training and racing goals for the coming season!

We continue to receive glowing reports from athletes who use Phytolean, like triathlete Reilly Smith who dropped 34 pounds between his 2013 and 2014 race seasons (read the story in Endurance News 89, page 6). They tell us that it's made a significant difference in helping them achieve their weight goals. Even better, continued use of Phytolean has helped them keep off that weight for good.

Of course, healthy eating, portion control, and regular exercise also play an important role in reaching and maintaining your desired weight. And if you reduce your starch intake in the afternoon and evening, and limit snacking between and after meals, you'll be leaning down like never before.

The Phytolean formula and how it will work for you

A 2-capsule dose of Phytolean contains the following ingredients:

400 mg of Razberi-K raspberry ketone - A natural compound found in red raspberries that helps with weight reduction through two mechanisms:

  • Enhancing the breakdown ("burning") of fat - Raspberry ketone increases a process known as norepinephrine-induced lipolysis, and supplementation with raspberry ketone results in a higher secretion of the hormone adiponectin. Both of these effects - increased norepinephrine-induced lypolysis and higher levels of adiponectin - enhance fat metabolism.
  • Decreased fat absorption and storage - Raspberry ketone assists in inhibiting a primary step in the absorption of fat, trioleoylglycerol hydrolysis. Additionally, an increase in adiponectin (mention earlier) not only results in increased metabolism of fat, it also is associated with a decrease in fat storage.

1,000 mg of Fabenol Max„¢ Phaseolus vulgaris L. - The extract from the white kidney bean is generically known as phaseolamin, though more commonly referred to as a "starch blocker." This "blocking" effect is due to phaseolamin's ability to reduce the activity of an enzyme known as alpha amylase, which is involved in starch breakdown and sugar absorption. When less alpha amylase enzyme is available, there is a greater potential for more carbohydrates (primarily starchy carbohydrates) to be excreted from the body instead of being assimilated into sugars and stored as body fat.

Two capsules of Phytolean will block 300 grams (that's 1,200 calories!) of starchy carbohydrates from being absorbed and turned into stored fat.

Bottom line:

When you consider how much money many athletes spend to shave off a few grams of weight from their bike, running shoes, or other equipment - hoping to increase their speed - using Phytolean is the most effective and cost-saving way to drop performance-inhibiting weight. We're talking pounds, not just a few measly grams!

Phytolean is guaranteed to help you reach your target weight and stay there. It's safe and natural, and it works. Put Phytolean to the test today. Like thousands of satisfied (and lean!) athletes, you will be very pleased with the results. We guarantee it.

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