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Perpetuem: Go the Distance with Reliable Fuel


Endurance sports are anything but simple. With all the logistics to consider in training and racing, the need for quality, sustaining nutrition becomes even more crucial to nail down before race day. Fortunately, Hammer Nutrition has a product that can handle it from start to finish. Distance, duration, environment, and intensity meet their match when you fuel with Perpetuem and Perpetuem Solids.

What makes Perpetuem so ideal for long-lasting workouts and events? It features a unique 8:1 ratio of complex carbohydrates to proteins, including maltodextrin and soy protein isolate. With its supportive nutrients and healthy fats, Perpetuem is exactly what your body craves. Endurance athletes require steady, reliable fuel throughout exercise, while also optimizing usage of fatty acids as a fuel source. Perpetuem provides fast-acting and long-lasting energy and buffers the painful effects of muscle breakdown. It does all this and more, without any added sugars or artificial ingredients.

Not only do Hammer Nutrition's Perpetuem products provide superior fueling ingredients, the enhanced flexibility of different options (powder or solid tablets) make Perpetuem and Perpetuem Solids a bullet-proof choice for any athlete, no matter what they're up against. Whether mixing a single bottle, multi-hour bottle, or paste, or if you're arranging hourly doses of tablets, you have the choice to tailor Perpetuem to your specific sporting requirements.

The result? Besides providing the best nutrition for yourself in your endurance sport of choice, you set yourself up for a strong, notable recovery. Exercise and athletic performance require more than just general, run-of-the-mill products; they require a carefully curated product that pulls its weight, stabilizes energy and blood sugar, maximizes fat utilization, and protects lean muscle mass. Perpetuem answers the call as the obvious go-to choice for endurance athletes. Make the smart investment in your health and athletic longevity by fueling first and foremost with Perpetuem and experience the benefits through performance gains and recovery now and for years to come.

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