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Race Caps Supreme—The “Nothing but 5 Stars, Must Have” Product!


I bought my first bottle of Race Caps in December of 1990, after I saw a bottle of the product at a friend’s house. He said that it was a great product, but before I went ahead and made a purchase, I did a lot of independent research on its components. My research led to an exciting conclusion: “This stuff’s not just for enhancing athletic performance naturally; there are some awesome general health benefits attached to this product as well. I’m definitely going to give it a try!”

Ever since that first bottle, I have endorsed this amazing product without any reservations. Race Caps, followed by the updated Race Caps Supreme formula, has been an integral part of all my athletic efforts—Race Across America, Furnace Creek 508, two border-to-border state records, history’s first and only Double Furnace Creek 508, and more. On top of that, it’s been an essential part of my everyday health supplement program as well. Race Caps Supreme has been crucial for both!

Whether you're a full-time competitive athlete, a weekend warrior, or someone whose primary goal is to stay fit and enjoy optimal health, Race Caps Supreme is the product you can’t be without! For over three decades, and counting, Race Caps Supreme has supplied benefits such as these:

  • Higher energy levels during workouts and all day long, without the unpleasant stimulant side effects that come from the ingredients in many other supplements
  • Noticeable increase in endurance
  • Less muscle soreness and enhanced recovery after training sessions
  • Antioxidant support for optimal immune system function
  • Nutritional support to help optimize cardiovascular system health and protect against many types of degenerative diseases

It’s the unique blend of nutrients—all working together synergistically—that gives Race Caps Supreme the ability to help power you through the toughest workouts and races, to recover more thoroughly afterward, and to provide superior protection for your body, especially your cardiovascular system. Space limitations prevent me from listing all of the components in Race Caps Supreme, and what they do, in this Endurance News Weekly. However, you can read about of them in my article about the product on pages 12-15 in the latest edition of Endurance News. There’s a ton of great information in that article, so I hope you’ll give it a read.

No other athletic supplement can deliver the range of benefits that Race Caps Supreme can. For 34 years and counting, it continues to be an athlete favorite in a market flooded with products that overpromise but underdeliver. This potent formulation aids both athletic performance enhancement AND overall health—a one-two punch formulated for hard-training athletes, but also highly beneficial for everyone.

Over the course of many years, my athletic performance and, even more important, my day-to-day health have been greatly enhanced by daily use of Race Caps Supreme. It is a truly remarkable, nothing-else-like-it product that I believe ALL people—athlete and non-athlete alike—will benefit from. In fact, my parents, both in their mid-80’s, take Race Caps Supreme daily. So, starting now, make it a part of your daily supplement regimen. I guarantee you will be pleased with the results you receive!

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