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Hammer Hemp: The Hemp Oil Gold Standard

Hammer Hemp Highlight

Aug 2nd, 2018

CBD is the biggest news in sports nutrition since 1987. - Brian Frank


I am certain this is the not the first time you've read or heard someone talking about CBD (Cannabidiol). It's in the news every day, and rightly so. The benefits are profound, extremely wide ranging, and universally acclaimed. However, sorting through the hype, exaggerated claims, myriad sizes, shapes, and potencies, let alone the intricacies of the origins and manufacturing practices of each supplier, can quickly cause your head to spin in a state of paralysis by analysis.

Luckily, Hammer is here to take the guesswork - and the mystery - out of this extraordinary health discovery.

Having extensively researched, personally trialed, and gathered feedback from hundreds of happy customers and CBD advocates over the past 5 years, Hammer founder Brian Frank has been chomping at the bit to share this new product with you. Given his vast experience, when he said, This is the biggest nutritional breakthrough I've seen in my 30+ years in the industry, you can believe we took notice. And when the World AntiDoping Agency (WADA) suddenly announced the removal of hempbased CBD products from their list of banned substances in January of this year, Brian knew the time had finally come to release Hammer Hemp CBD! Like all Hammer products, it's here to set the bar for purity, effectiveness, and price.

Hemp-derived CBD is completely distinct from its psychoactive cousin marijuana and is rapidly being accepted for the medicinal wunderkind that it is. Few other substances on earth offer such extensive benefits and complete lack of side effects. And though it will absolutely not get you high, matters of quality, purity, and distribution remain a point of question. On these fronts, the market is the Wild West. Indeed, you could spend weeks researching the various options on the market, and still pay too much for a questionable product. In an effort to spare customers this trouble, eliminate all risk, and help spread the news of this incredible substance, we're releasing Hammer Hemp brand CBD. It's the gold standard for quality, purity, and potency.

Derived from organically grown, non-GMO, USA-raised hemp, it is 100% THC-free and legal in all 50 states. It will not cause a positive result for any drug test, athletic or otherwise. The proprietary extraction process and 3rd party batch testing ensures consistent and accurate levels of phytocannabinoids, and confirms purity of product. You can rest assured that it is free of heavy metals, solvents, microbes, or contaminants. It's the purest, most bioavailable CBD product you can buy.

Additionally, the unique watersoluble, nano-emulsification process maximizes bioavailability, increasing absorption by 3-5 times compared to even the highest quality CBD products found elsewhere. This also allows for consistent biosynthesis when taken with or without food. Your dosage and the correlative benefits will be uniform, and you'll spare your pocketbook in the meantime. For as little as 1-2 dollars per day, you can experience the benefits of the purest, most effective product available. The rapidly changing regulatory climate and the amount of scrutiny CBD is receiving from governmental agencies, coupled with the mushrooming number of unscrupulous sellers making wild health and medical claims, has created more confusion than any other product we've seen come to market. These combined factors leave us yet unable to discuss the comprehensive benefits of this product. For the time being, we have to leave you to the guidance of a savvy holistic healthcare practitioner, the testimony of friends and family or an online hemp resource such as,

Of course, if you'd like to discuss how CBD may benefit you, we invite you to give us a call today - or, give it try for 30 days. After all, like everything Hammer sells, we guarantee it 100%.


Hammer Hemp 10mg - 30 softgels $39.95
Hammer Hemp 10mg - 90 softgels $89.95
Hammer Hemp 25mg - 30 softgels $69.95
Hammer Hemp 25mg - 90 softgels $179.95

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