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Hammer Gel Jugs

Be Green While Saving Green

We can't deny the convenience of Hammer Gel in the single-serving packets, and they're the easiest way to try a number of flavors to find out which ones you like the most. But they're also more costly and using them can be a messy ordeal. Worst of all is seeing individual wrappers of ANY brand of energy gel on the roads and trails.

For clean hands, clean roads and trails, and a clear conscious, GO ECO with the Hammer Gel Jug/Flask combo! It's the ECOnomical and ECOlogical way meet your fueling needs.

The numbers

One single serving pouch of Hammer Gel = $1.40 each
12+ single serving pouches of Hammer Gel = $1.25 each
One 26-serving jug of Hammer Gel = $19.95 each, equaling .77¢ a serving
3+ jugs of Hammer Gel = $17.95 each, equaling .69¢ a serving

It's easy to see that you save a lot of money when buying in bulk via Hammer Gel Jugs. Once you find your favorite flavors, purchasing jugs of Hammer Gel is the only way to go. We'll even provide the flask free of charge!

The benefits

Aside from the significant cost savings, here are some of the other benefits that the Hammer Gel Jug/Flask combination provides:

  • The 5-serving flasks are reusable, and if you don't use a full flask's worth of Hammer Gel during a given workout or race, simply wash off the nozzle and store the remainder in the fridge. It'll be good to go for your next workout!
  • Ease of consumption. Hold the flask with one hand, open the nozzle with your teeth, and consume. Simple!
  • No mess and no sticky packets to deal with later.
  • More flexible serving options. Don't need the full amount that's in a pouch of Hammer Gel? Consume as little or as much as you want from the flask!
  • Just add water to your flask of Hammer Gel to make the consistency exactly the way you like it.
  • Create your own unique flavor combinations by adding various flavors of Hammer Gel to the flask. Here are just a couple of the possibilities:

    ¢ Banana + Chocolate = Banana Split
    ¢ Orange + Vanilla = Orange Creamsicle
    ¢ Apple Cinnamon +Vanilla = Apple Pie a la Mode
    ¢ Raspberry + Orange + Montana Huckleberry = Berry Blast
    ¢ Raspberry or Montana Huckleberry + Espresso = Berry Mocha
    ¢ Tropical + Espresso = Caffeine Machine
  • The flasks are reusable and the jugs are recyclable, so you're helping protect the environment. Plus, no dropped gel wrappers!


Superior quality fuel, great taste, versatility, and economical price - with Hammer Gel in the 26-serving jugs, you have it all. An additional plus: Hammer Gel has a best by date that extends a full two years from the date of manufacture. So if you aren't using at least a couple of Hammer Gel Jugs in that amount of time, you're probably not training enough!

Hammer Gel is available in 12 delicious flavors - two of which contain caffeine (Tropical, Espresso) - as well as an unflavored version. With that many options, there's sure to be a few that you'll love and want to use frequently!

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