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Hammer Gel Jug and Flask

The Winning Combo


I love everything about Hammer Gel - the taste and texture of every flavor, the sustained energy, the ability to use it all day without GI distress. I grab a shot as breakfast as I head out the door on an early morning training ride, and throw another pack in my pocket to fuel the effort. I find extras piling up in the bottom of hydration packs where I seem to keep adding just in case Gels. Friends and family have stumbled upon them in odd places in my car, travel luggage, and the laundry. Ah yes, the laundry...

If I had a dollar for every time a tab or empty pack made it through the wash, I'd be a wealthy man. Once used, my primary goal is simply to keep them from becoming litter - so they sometimes ride home with me in unexpected places, to be discovered later. My least favorite is when they're stuck to my phone.

This hints at the dark side of the single-serving packet. The convenience of grabbing a ready-to-use, single-serving packet comes with costs in the form of litter, trash, and sometimes a mess. It's worth the trouble, of course, but it's also just one way to use this awesome product. With the Hammer Gel Jug and Flask combo, I can get all the benefits I love, with no downside.

If you haven't tried it before, you owe it to yourself to do so. At the best price point on the market (just 77¢ per serving!), it's also ecologically friendly, easy to use, and totally clean. As we like to say, you can Go green, while saving green.

From a user's perspective, I most love how easy it is to access. This is of particular importance for cyclists or other athletes who want to minimize the use of their hands for fueling. For me, it means minimizing time with my hands off the bars. It's an easy one-hand routine; simply pull it from your pocket, pull open with your teeth, and squeeze. It's a fast, smooth process, and why many folks (myself included) never use single servings for races, no matter the length. Fueling with a flask is just much faster.

For those new to the idea, the hang-up is often size. That's a lot of Gel, they say. I don't think I need that much. Here's the secret - you don't have to fill it up all the way! Simply add the number of servings you'll need (we recommend 1-2 per hour) and a touch of water to make your desired consistency. For short events, or when you only need 1-2 servings, water allows the product to flow out freely. Nothing could be easier.

When you get home, the process is simple. Wash it out and toss it with your Hammer fuels. Or, if it is still partially full, stick in the fridge for next time. Either way, I can tell you this - never once have I found a Gel flask stuck to my cell phone or in the dryer's lint catcher!

Single servings are great. They're easy to keep around for emergencies, and if you're near a trash can, don't require carrying or holding after use. Plus, you can dial in your dosing perfectly. All of us at Hammer use them regularly. But when I head out for more than an hour, or know I'll need easy access, the flask is the solution every time.

If you haven't given it a try, now's the time. You'll love the price and ease of use, and will help the environment.

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