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Hammer Gel is Not Like the Others


Be it at the races we support, in our shops, or on the phone, we too often hear the same line. When confronted with Hammer Gels, the uninformed or new-to-Hammer customer responds, Oh, those things, I don't like those. They hurt my stomach.

This story makes us sad - and not because we want to sell more Hammer Gel. Rather, this is one more person whose bad experiences with other similar-looking products on the market have turned them off to one of the most effective and efficient ways to fuel endurance exercise.

The paradigm is understandable. There are many semi-viscous energy products out there, sold in similar pouches, and making the claims. But what's inside these packages is anything but uniform. Hammer Gel is made of natural ingredients (if it says it's Huckleberry or Raspberry flavor, it actually has those things in it!) and complex carbohydrates, and is low acidity. Conversely, the others on the market are composed of artificial colors/flavors, simple sugars, and citric acid. So what's the difference to you?

Quite simply, simple sugars raise your blood sugar levels quickly, and then drop them just as fast. Simple sugars also take a great deal of water to properly process, and when it's lacking, your gut shuts down. Then add some acid, to irritate your throat, stomach lining and intestines, and it's no wonder that one bad experience with these things is enough to turn people away from them - and anything that looks like them - for the rest of their days. If you use products with those ingredients, it isn't a matter of if you'll have a bad experience with them, but when.

The tragedy is when Hammer Gel gets thrown into the same pile. While it may look the same, the impact is completely unique. Complex carbohydrates (from maltodextrin) lift your energy quickly but don't drop off. The typical blood sugar curve averages 70 minutes. Additionally, Hammer Gel requires nearly three times less water to be absorbed, allowing it to move through your digestive system and into your bloodstream trouble-free, eliminating GI distress in the process. The low pH further supports proper digestion while also helping to reduce the acidity load which frequently accompanies exercise.

This is why, over the 25 years of Hammer Gel's distinction, it has attracted hordes of loyal followers. Most people have no notion of the science behind the product - they simply observe that while others wreck their guts, Hammer Gel leaves them feeling strong, energized, and ready to enjoy the activity, workout, or race at hand. If you're one of those unfortunate souls who has turned away from this category of products altogether, don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. Put Hammer Gel to the test, and feel the difference for yourself. You'll love the result - we guarantee it 100%, as we do with all of our products since 1987.

If you have questions on how to work Hammer Gel - or any Hammer product - into your fueling and exercise plans, give us a call. Friendly fueling advisors are waiting for you.

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