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Glucosamine Supplementation Lowers Cancer Mortality Risk


One of Hammer Nutrition’s top products, Tissue Rejuvenator, and its vegan counterpart, Vegan Tissue Rejuvenator, are well-known for their beneficial effects on helping rebuild joint, tendon, and soft tissue, while simultaneously reducing swelling and alleviating aches and pain. Glucosamine sulfate, one of the primary ingredients in these two products, plays a major role in the achievement of these benefits.

Recent research published in late 2022 in the journal Frontiers in Nutrition, uncovered an even greater benefit for glucosamine sulfate than “merely” supporting joint health—men and women who used glucosamine had a lower risk of dying from cancer than those who did not use glucosamine. [1]

Over 450,000 participants—slightly more women (54%) than men, ages 38-73 (median age 57)—were involved in this particular study. These participants had been enrolled in the UK Biobank, one of the largest population studies in the world, between 2006 and 2010, and them followed until the early part of 2021. None had been diagnosed with cancer at the time of enrollment.

A number of variables were accounted for in this study, including age, gender, ethnic background, obesity, physical activity, smoking status, alcohol use, fruit and vegetable intake, supplementation, and more.

Nearly 20% of participants in the study took glucosamine, and after the 12.1-year follow-up they were found to have a 5% lower risk of cancer mortality compared to the non-glucosamine users.

Interestingly, this 5% reduced risk was still present even after taking into account the earlier-mentioned variables. Researchers also found that glucosamine users also had a:

  • 16% reduced risk of lung cancer mortality
  • 24% reduced risk of rectal cancer mortality
  • 32% reduced risk of kidney cancer mortality

In addition, while an exact figure was not given, the research showed that male glucosamine-using participants without diabetes or high cholesterol had greater protection against prostate cancer mortality.

Lead study author, Dr. Jian Zhou, states, “Previous studies have shown anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory benefits of glucosamine. In conclusion, this present study indicated that regular use of glucosamine supplements was significantly related to decreased overall cancer, kidney cancer, lung cancer, and rectum cancer mortality. Further pharmacological studies are needed to increase our understanding of the potential benefits of glucosamine.”


Thousands of Hammer Nutrition clients are enjoying the joint-health benefits of Tissue Rejuvenator and Vegan Tissue Rejuvenator. This latest study shows that additional benefits—profound ones at that—may be enjoyed via regular use of these two products. If you’re currently experiencing joint issues, one of the Tissue Rejuvenator products is a must-have/must-use-daily supplement. The same is true for others who look to maintain the strength of cartilage, tendons, and connective tissue. For ALL people, daily use of Tissue Rejuvenator/Vegan Tissue Rejuvenator is a wise strategy for helping protect against a number of cancers.

[1] Zhou J et al. Front Nutr. 2022 Nov 2;9:947818.


I’ve been taking Tissue Rejuvenator since the 90’s !
I’ve had 3 knee scopes from then till 2010. Those of us that have had this procedure know the ramifications down the road. Arthritic debilitating knees which ultimately lead to knee replacement as a few my friends can attest too.
But not me. I’ve been running since the 90’s and this year I enter a new age division 70-74 ! And for the most part I am pain free!
Is it genetics? Good Luck ? I don’t know but I do know one thing
I’ve been consistently taking Tissue Rejuvenator for over 20 years and I know that has played a major role in my ability to still compete today ! And now with this new research about its effects on cancer? I will never stop taking it , even when my running days are over !
I’m a customer and a believer for life !
Kudos to Brian and his Team ! They are second to none!
Paul Correia
Dartmouth Ma.

Paul Correia

Can Tissue Rejuvenator be taken everyday? And for long periods of time?
Hammer Nutrition replied:
Tissue Rejuvenator can, and should, be taken on a daily basis. The beneficial effects this product supplies are cumulative, and the most consistent you are in taking it, the better your results will be. You do not build up a tolerance to any of the nutrients in Tissue Rejuvenator, there is no need nor benefit from “taking a break” for any given time period, so it may (and should) be taken every day for long periods of time… for life!


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