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Fully Charged: Overflowing!

Praise for our potent pre-exercise product keeps pouring in

It hasn't yet been a year, but Fully Charged has already made its presence known in the world of sports nutrition and endurance fueling.

Hammer's pre-exercise formula has been getting rave reviews from industry and athletes alike. We knew we had a hit on our hands, but one never knows until the results speak for themselves. Fully Charged has really got the athletic community talking!

The secret to the powerful results that Fully Charged supplies is based in the healthy, pure ingredients we chose to use. Instead of resorting to stimulants or sugar, or loading it up with obscene amounts of caffeine, Hammer Nutrition decided to create this custom blend made with healthy, natural options. Beneficial ingredients include taurine, green tea, beet juice powder, and tart cherry extract.

We can talk all day about how great Fully Charged is. So can our customers! Check out three examples of positive feedback from real athletes like yourself below and read all 60+ of them on our product page. Hammer on!

"I bought my first jar of Fully Charged earlier this winter and used it a few times while training (indoor cycling) and I noticed that I was able to hold a higher average heart rate and wattage at a lower perceived effort level. However, what really "sold" me on the effectiveness of Fully Charged was a XC ski race that I participated in recently. I had one serving of Fully Charged about 30 minutes before the start of the race and was able to hold a much higher (than typical, for me) average heart rate throughout the entire 28km race!" -Rick B

It works. It just works. "I've been using Fully Charged for a couple months now prior to each workout and long run. My endurance has improved noticeably. I'm 56, been running and racing for 5 years and really thought I had hit a wall limiting how much I was able to improve on my Half and Full times, but with Fully Charged I've had some definite improvements and PRs." -Jeff W

Increased energy and performance. "I highly recommend the new Fully Charged pre-workout. I have experienced increased energy and improved workouts. My son who has used other pre-workouts told me that he likes it much better than the previously used products. It does not make him feel anxious or jittery. He has seen an improvement in energy and performance as well." -VGrammar

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