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Fully Charged - If you're not getting "charged", you're getting left behind!


We are nearing the one-year anniversary for Fully Charged, and it's been an amazing year so far! This unique product has clearly become a favorite of athletes, not to mention one of Hammer Nutrition's best sellers. Fully Charged - just like all supplements and fuels that bear the name Hammer Nutrition - does exactly what we say it will. If you haven't been using this phenomenal product, you're at a distinct disadvantage!

The extreme popularity of Fully Charged is due to the many benefits it provides:

  • Helping increase energy and endurance
  • Aiding in reducing fatigue
  • Promoting mental alertness
  • Helping alleviate muscle soreness
  • Providing antioxidant support

¦ And more! Several Fully Charged users also like it for what it DOESN'T do. Unlike so many other pre-exercise products - whose primary goal is to get you as wired and amped up as possible - Fully Charged contains NO stimulants or excessive amounts of caffeine. If you're looking for a product that can effectively address a number of areas in exercise performance, without getting your heart racing and making you feeling jittery or nauseous, Fully Charged is for you.

Super Effective & Super Versatile

1) Fully Charged can be used year round prior to any workout you may be doing - endurance, strength, cross-training, etc. - and it can be used prior to multiple workouts done in a day.

2) Though we market Fully Charged as a pre-exercise supplement, it is absolutely 100% OK, and highly beneficial, to take during prolonged bouts of exercise. In our testing of Fully Charged, we found that the benefits ranged from 4-6 hours, sometimes longer. Many athletes that are using the product are taking another dose during their longer workouts and races (about every 3-4 hours, but sometimes as short as every 2 hours) and the feedback we've received from them has been nothing short of sensational!

3) The tart cherry taste is 100% natural and quite subtle; it doesn't have a chemical and/or super sweet taste that so many other pre-exercise drinks do. Most athletes will mix it in water and consume 30 minutes prior to exercise, while others will create their own unique taste, mixing Fully Charged in a water bottle containing 1-2 Endurolytes Fizz tablets. Others actually prefer to take their first serving of Fully Charged just before they start their workout or race, mixing a scoop in their bottle(s) of HEED, Sustained Energy, or Perpetuem.

4) Fully Charged is perfectly compatible with any and all Hammer Nutrition supplements you may be taking that are for before and during exercise, and it does not replace any of the Hammer Nutrition supplements or fuels.


It hasn't yet been a full year, but Fully Charged has clearly made its presence known in the world of sports nutrition and endurance fueling. It is the go to product for athletes competing in every type of athletic sport you can think of. If you haven't tried Fully Charged, it's time to make it your go to supplement as well.

"I'm a mediocre, middle-aged runner who runs maybe a half-dozen races a year, at distances from 5K to 50K. I bought [Fully Charged] largely on a whim, not convinced I'd really see any measurable benefits from it - but in the few weeks I've been using this, I've clocked PRs on most of my local training routes and knocked 3 minutes off my previous best time on a local 5-mile trail race. Like most of the other reviewers, I haven't had any digestive problems, any issues with feeling jittery... there's a little boost in alertness (I'm an early-morning runner, so this is nice), but the biggest benefits seem to come in the later stages of any run: I'm finding I have a lot more kick left in the final miles, with less perceived effort, than I used to have. I'm definitely going to keep a supply of this on hand."
- Alan (online review)

"I have used pre-workout supplements in the past that made me sweating before I even got to the gym and that is not what I was looking for. After reading other reviews, seeing replies from Steve to reviews and speaking to an associate about the product, I went ahead and ordered it and was glad that I did. This has to be the first supplement like this that I have taken that gives me a boost without getting the jitters. If you are looking for a pre-workout supplement without all of the "hype" this is your product."
- Gator (online review)

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