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According to new research [1] it is believed that 2022 and future years may see longer and more-intense allergy seasons, partly because pollen emissions each year are estimated to increase by up to 200%. If you have spring-time allergies, you already know how unpleasant they are; however, this new research really spells bad news. If there was ever a year to get started on Clear Day and stay on it longer than before, this is the year and now is the time.

Only a few years ago, statistics from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) estimated that over 36 million people in the United States suffered from seasonal allergies. Today, that number is believed to have increased significantly. Allergy expert, Dr. M. Razi, states “There are 50 million people with seasonal and nasal allergies.” [3] Put another way, one out of six of the population has an allergic condition, and it’s believed that four out of ten endurance athletes suffer from seasonal allergenic reactions as a result of inhaling airborne substances.

These allergies are not only unpleasant to deal with, they hamper athletic performance as well. Researchers Komarow and Postolache state, "As a result of the increase in ventilation during exercise, athletes in particular experience significant symptoms of allergy triggered by exposure to aeroallergens. The allergic response causes nasal and conjunctival congestion, tearing, breathing difficulties, pruritus [itching], fatigue, and mood changes, which affect athletic performance." [3]


Clear Day contains four all-natural anti-allergy all-star compounds – Olive Leaf Extract, Quercetin, Bromelain, and Resveratrol – that combat allergies on a number of fronts: antihistamine, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, and antiviral. This potent combination helps you avoid airborne allergic symptoms while also alleviating airborne allergic reaction discomforts you're already experiencing.

Using Clear Day:

  • Helps limit allergy occurrences
  • Relieves allergy symptoms
  • Makes exercise more comfortable


I've used another product for years from a health food store. With all the great products from Hammer Nutrition I thought I'd try Clear Day. It was the perfect choice. I believe that if you suffer with allergies and don't want the side effects of prescription you have hit the jackpot. Thank You Hammer!

This product is amazing for helping with allergies. I've stopped buying the major brand allergy meds and use this instead.

I have been using Clear Day for several years now during allergy season. I have recommended it to many of my friends as a substitute for OTC products. It doesn't make me drowsy or hyper like the OTC products I have used in the past. It works great!


The Clear Day formula gives your body the ammunition it needs to tackle even the toughest airborne allergies safely and effectively, and without the side effects associated with over-the-counter allergy medications. Introduced eight years ago, Clear Day has proven to work incredibly well for those who use, and continue to use, this powerfully beneficial product. We guarantee that it'll work just as well for you.


Whether it's due to colds, allergies, or numerous other reasons, nasal congestion affects us all at some point. A stuffy nose not only makes exercising significantly more difficult, it can disrupt your entire day and negatively impact the quality of your sleep. No more! Use Nasol - it'll clear up your sinuses quickly so you can enjoy breathing more freely.

Nasol is the perfect complement to Clear Day, helping to alleviate other unpleasant symptoms caused by allergies. As soon as you feel the first hint of allergy-related problems coming on, take a dose of Clear Day and give each nostril a spray of Nasol. Rapid relief is on the way!

[1] Zhang, Y., Steiner, A.L. Projected climate-driven changes in pollen emission season length and magnitude over the continental United States. Nat Commun 13, 1234 (2022).

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