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Brendan Davies: Winner of the Ultra-Trail Australia

Photo: Kate Dukes


When Hammer Nutrition Australia Sponsored Athlete Brendan Davies toed the line of the 2018 Ultra Trail Australia (UTA) 100K in New South Wales, Australia, he had reason to be confident. He won the race in 2013, finished top five three other times, and took second in the shorter 22K version in 2016. But of course, in a race this grueling, nothing is ever certain.

Brendan's annual calendar is impressive. He competes in 5-6 ultra runs each year, keeping himself highly fit year-round with peaking periods planned for focus races - such as the UTA. A quick glance at his Strava page confirms his story - he logs many miles, dividing them between elevation runs in the hills and speed work on flatter courses. To keep up such a strenuous year-round regime, he prioritizes recovery, using Recoverite after every strenuous workout and eating a whole foods diet in line with Hammer's recommendations.

In the last four years, international runners have taken the top spot. As a local to the Blue Mountains, he was extra motivated. And with plenty of support from friends, family, and much of the Australian ultra-running community at the race, he knew it could be a special day.

He took a serving of Fully Charged just before the start, and headed out for what would be a truly great race. His pace was steady and strong, and he relied on the same nutrition plan that's seen him through so many victories in the past. Perpetuem is the slow burning fuel that sustains me all day and Hammer Gels are the spark I need to get out of a little low or to give me an extra boost before a big climb, he says. He also took Endurolytes throughout the day, varying his dosage according to the temperatures and his needs.

His training, planning, fueling, and support all came together, and he crossed the line ahead of the pack - reclaiming the title of champion for a local contender.

After a bit of downtime, Brendan will be back at it soon - with a 24-hour track race and the 100K Road World Championships coming up on his calendar, and a goal of making the Australian team for the World Championships next September, he'll be back at it soon. Follow along to see how this incredible runner just keeps on Hammering!

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