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Antioxidants - essential allies for arterial health

By Steve Born

While the "experts" of some sport nutrition companies insist on attempting to invalidate the importance of antioxidant supplementation, studies continue to show the exact opposite to be true. Recent research on this topic is especially exciting.

Conclusions from a 20-study meta-analysis, published in the Journal of Nutrition, indicate that supplementing with antioxidants helps protect against age-related arterial stiffening. As this condition is associated with atherosclerosis, diabetes, and other health issues, these results have extremely important implications.

The studies involved more than 1,900 people, ages 22 to 63, and revealed a significant reduction in arterial stiffness with antioxidant supplementation compared to use of a placebo or no supplements. These improvements in arterial stiffness were seen regardless of the participants' age or length of treatment.

"The beneficial effects of antioxidant vitamins on vascular stiffness may be explained by the reduction of the damaging effects of free radicals on structural and functional components of the vessel walls," noted the authors of the analysis. "Antioxidant vitamins inactivate free radicals, reduce inflammation, and therefore protect the integrity of the vascular wall. Furthermore, antioxidant vitamins increase the bioavailability of the vasodilator and anti-inflammatory molecule nitric oxide."

Bottom line:

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