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4 Years of Fully Charged!


Four years ago, Hammer Nutrition set the world of pre-workout supplements on its head with the introduction of Fully Charged. Instead of producing one of the “same old, same old” products loaded with stimulants, excessive amounts of caffeine, and other questionable ingredients, we followed our hearts and instincts and worked to build a truly effective formula. We needed something that addressed several areas in exercise performance and incorporated nutrients that worked with the body, not against it.

And we succeeded. Big time!

Fully Charged is not at all about getting you amped up and wired or providing you with what’s no more than a false sense of energy. Sure, you may feel energized with those other pre-exercise supplements, but far too often you end up with a bad case of the jitters and your heart racing long before your workout even starts. Does that sound performance-enhancing to you?

The fact is that Fully Charged is the “real deal” when it comes to pre-workout supplements. There is absolutely nothing else like it! The unique Fully Charged formula increases athletic performance for so many people—the incredible testimonials and 5-star reviews keep pouring in. (If 6 stars were available, Fully Charged would most certainly earn them!) If you haven’t been using this phenomenal product before your workouts and events, you’re at a distinct disadvantage! Take it from the athletes who use Fully Charged. It gets results: higher-quality workouts, better race results, new personal bests.

"Fully Charged makes a noticeable difference in my performance! I am a bit of a skeptic, so I held off ordering it for the first couple of weeks and asked Hammer Nutrition staff numerous questions before deciding to try it. Then, I wanted to use it several times to really assess the effects in different scenarios - morning versus evening, speed work versus long slow distance, etc. I now feel I can wholeheartedly recommend this product! I feel energized and focused, with more "pop" in my workouts. I feel less fatigued during and after the workout, even when we're talking about 5x1 mile workouts at 10K pace! There's no sort of jittery feeling or crash like you might get with other products."

You can find out all the details about Fully Charged—what’s in the product and what it does—on pages 52-53 in Endurance News #119, and take note of the couple of “HOT TIPS” in that article.


Fully Charged is 100% appropriate for use before any type or length of workout or race. We guarantee you’ll become a believer in the time-proven benefits it supplies. And though we market Fully Charged as a pre-exercise supplement, it is also perfectly acceptable, and highly beneficial, to take additional servings every 3-4 hours during prolonged bouts of exercise.

After four years of receiving nearly countless numbers of glowing reports from athletes using Fully Charged, we’re even more convinced that it is a GAME CHANGER when it comes to improving your athletic performance safely and naturally. If you haven’t tried Fully Charged yet, you don’t want to wait any longer. As we’re fond of saying, “Get ‘charged’ or get left behind!”

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