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Wendy Skean

Mountain Biker - Hammering Since: 1996

Hi, I am Wendy Skean. I started riding mountain bikes and racing at age 45 when I was a single mother and had two teenage sons I wanted to be active with.  As I was training for my first, of 8, Leadville 100 races in 1996, my son told me about Hammer Nutrition. I had trouble eating solid food when racing, so Hammer's Sustained Energy really was what I needed.  I also used E-Caps.  From then on, I used Hammer Nutrition Products for all rides and races.  I have continued to race all manner of endurance races. I raced 24 Hours in the Old  Pueblo 14 times, solo, always on the podium.  I raced the Breck Epick Stage race twice, was the oldest racer, and was on the podium.  At age 79 I am still racing endurance events and more intense Time Trials.  Without Hammer Nutrition's numerous products, I know I would not be able to be racing at the level that I am.  I use their products that keep my bones strong, my body healthy, and my riding and racing strong.  It is hard to say what products are my favorite because I value all of them.  Chocolate Recoverite after every workout or race is a must.  Chocolate Perpetuem for long rides and Chocolate Whey Protein to help recover. I see a theme.  Since I am usually the oldest female racer at any event I go to, I am proud to wear my Hammer kit and show that Hammer keeps you going at any age.

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Wow! You’re an inspiration. Thanks for sharing your story.
Hammer Nutrition replied:
Hi Wendy, likewise, thank you for your decades of support! It’s the support and encouragement of clients like you that keep me going after 37 years! BDF

Susan Hesson

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