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Patty Jo Struve

Endurance Athlete - Hammering Since: 2003

Snowkitty, alias Patty Jo Struve, has been a Hammer athlete since 2003. My first experiences with Hammer are when I had a dream of competing in Race Across America and started riding long distance cycling events. Furnace Creek 508, was where acquired my legendary name "Snowkitty" and it has stuck ever since.

As an athlete, my career began as a runner when I was 23 years old. After suffering from a torn Achilles’ tendon, I turned to swimming and cycling for recovery. In 1979, I entered my first half Ironman distance triathlon and continued on that path until 1993, adding in a few double centuries along with mountain biking.

Nordic skiing and snowshoe racing became my next passion for several years. I continued to ride and participated in many ultra cycling events including “Iditasport “ in the Alaskan wilderness. My first 24 hour solo mountain bike event was in 1998 and I was hooked on LONG events from then on.

I crewed for RAAM in 1998 and knew that would be my dream one day. I continued to ride long road and mountain bike races with much success. When I started using Hammer products, my race results soared and I never turned to any other products (besides real food). I qualified for RAAM at Race Across Oregon in the spring of 2003 and continued to train and stood at the RAAM start line in 2006. To my sadness, my race ended in Cortez,Co.

I continue to train and race on mountain bike, fat bike, and gravel bike at the ripe age of 67, still winning my class and representing the best nutrition company on the planet! I love Hammer products for many reasons…….quality ingredients, low sugar, vegan options, and fast and great service when ordering. I love the beautiful kits I get to wear to represent as well.

My go to products:

I love the support I get from the staff and hope to continue to represent this amazing company for many years to come.

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