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John Benham

Endurance Racing - Hammering Since: 2019

Hey, my name is John Benham IV, i.e., jB4; I have been hammering since 2019. My first experience with Hammer was during my first 50k training with ENDUROLYTES, GELS, & RECOVERITE. I primarily train & compete in endurance races. I’ve completed the Georgia Death Race, Barkley Fall Classic, and a variety of 50-mile & 100-mile races. I also enjoy biking, Yoga, PELOTON, & meditation. I am a Coach, Drummer & single father of two active children. No matter the activity, Hammer has always been there to help fuel my adventures. A daily bottle of FIZZ also helps keep my body hydrated and ready for whatever life throws at me. The fuels & supplements in my daily regimen are TISSUE REJUVENATOR, ENDUROMEGA, RACE CAPS SUPREME, PREMIUM INSURANCE CAPS, BORON, and SUPER ANTIOXIDANT.

I am stoked to be a Hammer athlete! Being part of the Hammer Family is more than just being surrounded by like-minded active humans; it’s truly a way of life! #HowiHammer!

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