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Nehemiah Cionelo

Runner - Hammering Since: 2018

My name is Nehemiah Cionelo, but most people know me by ‘Nemo.’ I grew up running here in Albuquerque, NM and I never wanted to stop. Five years ago, I walked on to The University of New Mexico’s Division 1 track team where I’ve continued to chase an Olympic dream since. I’ve been lucky enough to have the opportunity to run a 3:53 1500m, a 29:42 10K, and even 51 miles in a day. My childhood coach, Shane Cleveland, has tirelessly supported me throughout this and was the one who introduced me to Hammer Nutrition. As a former world class triathlete, Hammer Nutrition had been a huge help when he was struggling to recover quickly. After hearing me complain about chronic soreness and constant exhaustion amongst a slew of other health problems, my coach immediately gave me some of his own supplements (which he still takes 20+ years later!) and I began to see steady improvements in my overall health and athletic performance. Since then, I’ve set new personal bests in all my events and I’ve made leaps and bounds towards my long-term goals as a runner.

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