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Nate Loman

Multi Sport Athlete - Hammering Since: 2001

Nate Loman
55 years old
Multi-Sport athlete = cycling, trail running, swim/run, and triathlon primarily.
Have been using Hammer Nutrition since 2001.

I have been an endurance junkie for the past 26 years and have been using Hammer products to fuel those activities since about 2001. I was introduced to Hammer products through a running group I had stumbled into and was impressed by their fueling and pricing ethics. I reached out for a sponsorship opportunity all those years ago and have never looked back. All these years later I am still impressed by the ethics exhibited by Hammer Nutrition. I value the freedom with which they share their knowledge base and their basic mission of "less is more". I believe that Hammer Nutrition wants us all to be the best version of ourselves and I am still proud to support and represent Hammer Nutrition to this day. Hammer Nutrition is like family and they have fueled me for more events than I can count, I can honestly say, they have never let me down!

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