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Meghan Wallace

Endurance Athlete - Hammering Since: 2017

My name is Meghan Wallace and I have been using Hammer Nutrition products since 2017. I have been an endurance athlete for over 20 years but, as a young athlete I had never learned about proper fueling. When I started moving up to the marathon distance, I quickly realized that fueling is a necessity. I tried a few fuel types but, never found something I enjoyed or that sat well in my stomach while training and racing. I started running ultra-marathons and tried my first Hammer product during a Hammer sponsored event. Since then, I have been hooked and cannot even imagine using anything else.

I love that the gels are smooth, easy to swallow, and taste so good! During the hot and humid Midwest summers, HEED and Endurolytes have been life savers. Perpetuem has become my go to fuel for 100 milers. I struggle to eat during long races and having a liquid fuel that tastes great and does not give me tummy issues is a win! Of course you always have to complete any training run with Recoverite! The addition of the Café Latte flavor has been wonderful. As an early morning runner, I love to recover with a product that helps to replace electrolytes, gives a good ratio of protein and carbohydrate, and has a bit of caffeine to keep me running throughout my daily life after training. I could go on and on about all of Hammer Nutrition’s products. Hammer has been a huge part of my development of an ultra-marathoner and I cannot that them enough!

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