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Lisa Wawrzynowski

CrossFit / OCR - Hammering Since: 2016

Hi, my name is Lisa Wawrzynowski, and I have been a Hammer athlete since 2020 but have been using Hammer products since 2016 when I was training for and completed my first marathon. Hammer was recommended to me by a friend and I was hooked immediately. I hit all my goals that marathon and felt fueled the entire time. After the marathon, I got more into CrossFit, hybrid sports, and ultimately my main sport of obstacle course racing where I currently race in the elite division. To compete in these sports at the higher level it is important that you fuel properly and pick products that are top quality and easy on your stomach. Lucky for me I knew just the brand…Hammer Nutrition! I am someone who gets super nervous before races and has a hard time eating right before races. With Hammer products, I am able to get nutrition in before my events and then continue to use them during if needed (for longer races) with no stomach issues.  I love how Hammer Nutrition has many options for staying properly fueled and is free of nasty ingredients (aka sugar)! My go to Hammer Products are Fully Charged for pre race, gels and orange vanilla perpetuem for during race (throw in some Cherry Bomb HEED on hot days!), and Vegan Tissue Rejuvenator for recovery! Hammer covers all my fueling and supplement needs as a competitive athlete. What I love most is that they even make a doggie daily essentials vitamin! My dogs are my life and I’m glad Hammer can help keep them healthy too!

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