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Lindsey Kenny

Triathlon / Ironman - Hammering Since: 2014

Hi, my name is Lindsey Kenny, and I have been a Hammer athlete since 2014. My first experience with Hammer was when I started racing sprint and Olympic distance triathlons after grad school. This is when I learned just how complicated sports nutrition can be. From there I got into half and full distance Ironman races which further complicated things. I was introduced to Hammer by one of my training buddies and was impressed to find how it keep my energy levels high thru out long training sessions/events without causing GI distress. I have used Hammer thru multiple full and half Ironman races. I eventually transitioned to racing gravel in 2019 and then mountain biking in 2021. I have used Hammer thru it all - from Unbound 200 to 7+hour mountain bike races. My favorite thing about Hammer, aside sustaining my energy levels without GI distress, is how in touch they are with athletes. I have always received quick feedback with any questions or product concerns. I love that they have research backed articles on their website and host Q&A sessions with top athletes using their products. And they can also be found at many of my local races so I don’t have to worry about carrying my own nutrition to a lot of my events! Some of my favorite Hammer products include: Niccola and peanut butter Hammer Gel, BCAAs, and Strawberry HEED.

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