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Kim Couranz

Sailboat Racing / Ultramarathons - Hammering Since: 2006

I'm Kim Couranz, and I've been powered by Hammer Nutrition since 2006. Initially, I mostly enjoyed Hammer Bars and Gels (especially Montana Huckleberry) on the water as I was introduced to Hammer by my sailing teammate. Now, I also enjoy Perpetuem while I'm out sailboat racing. However, I soon realized how valuable Hammer products were to other aspects of my life. I rely on Hammer Gels, Perpetuem Solids, and Endurolytes to power me through ultramarathons and Recoverite (orange vanilla is my favorite) to get me back up to speed for the next day. I've also been getting into backpacking, and Hammer products are a fantastic, easily portable way to ensure good hydration and nutrition on the trail. The most recent adventure I have added is swimming! Having my Hammer bottle full of Endurolytes Fizz (mango, yum!) at the edge of the pool keeps me going. I really enjoy talking about hydration, nutrition, and Hammer with new athletes to help them get the most out of their training and competition sessions.

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