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Justin Weisgerber

OCR / Crossfit - Hammering Since: 2015

Hi, my name is Justin Weisgerber, and I have been a Hammer athlete since the start of the 2023 season. My first experience with Hammer was when I started running Obstacle Course Races (OCR’s) back in 2015 with a fellow Hammer athlete, he showed me a “Gel” and the rest is history! Shortly after I found CrossFit and fell in love. A few months go by and I now am starting to really need to figure out nutrition, so I spoke with a coach and started following a diet for my sport goals. I wanted to know more so I got certified and also became a coach myself. After realizing just how important certain ingredients are to fueling your body I understood that Hammer Nutrition products are for more than endurance athletes, they can be used for everyday folks who need that extra something to fuel their workout. I love how Hammer Nutrition has so many products that are easy on your stomach, free of nasty ingredients (aka sugar), and have so many options for staying properly fueled. I've been hooked on Hammer products, especially HEED, Perpetuem, Protein and Fizz, ever since the first drink. Thank you, Hammer, for all you do!

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