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Jennie Phillips

Ultra Cycling - Hammer Since: early 2000's

I first experienced Hammer Nutrition products back in the early 2000's while doing a Double Century...Sustained Energy. Then I met Steve Born while riding from Canada to Mexico on a PAC Tour (he joined us for a day of riding through Montana) and he was not only encouraging me but also shared great info about Hammer. From then I was hooked....on long distance cycling AND on Hammer Nutrition products! Having completed 50 double centuries, 5 FurnaceCreek 508 races, and Paris-Brest-Paris, I turned my focus to road racing and had enough success to reach Cat 2. Unfortunately, I broke my C2 vertebra in a road race...and I immediately decided that my road racing days were over...too risky!  The good that came from that, though, is that I started riding dirt and then gravel...and am absolutely loving it!!!  Throughout it all, my dependence on Hammer Nutrition products continues: plain and simple...all of their products WORK!!! I am so thankful for Hammer's continued attention to quality!

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