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Jenn Halladay

Ultra Cycling - Hammering Since: 2006

I learned about HAMMER nutrition back in 2002 when I was competing at Sea Otter.  It wasn’t until I won my first LOTOJA race in 2006 (a 200-mile race from Logan, UT to Jackson Hole, WY) that I realized the benefits of using HAMMER products, especially for endurance-type racing.  Perpetuem, HEED, and Recoverite are products I do not go without.  I use many more, but these are key to my events.   The first time I took part in LOTOJA, I did not know about HAMMER, nor did I do quite as well without it.  After honing my nutrition, I went on to win the CAT 1-2-3 race 5 different times, and I set the course record solo.  I never looked back and used nothing else when training and/or competing.  As I have progressed, Endurance BCAA and Whey Protein have become extremely important in my recovery.  I have been using HAMMER products for over 20 years, and it’s the best decision I made for my cycling career.  Now, I have children using it and succeeding in their events as well.  Nutritional success includes the use of HAMMER products.

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