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Grant Woodman

Ultra Runner - Hammering Since: 2009

In 2009, I was starting a new job at the University of Notre Dame and got connected with a running/triathlon group led by Greg Mueller called Innovative Endurance. The group was sponsored by HAMMER, and I asked Greg which recovery drink he had the group using and without hesitation, he said HAMMER Recoverite. I started using it and was hooked. A couple of years later-- in 2011, a college teammate of mine, Jason LaFave, posted that he was sponsored by HAMMER. I inquired as to how he came to be a sponsored athlete, and he showed me the process. I applied and have been a HAMMER sponsored athlete ever since. I am a runner who turned into an ultra runner and have a running streak of over 25 years (9391 days as of this writing) I have amassed over 105,500 miles (and over 82,000 miles within the streak) in my career and am still counting. I attribute quite a bit of this longevity to my relationship with HAMMER Nutrition. After my family vacation, where we traveled to Wyoming and Montana and met with Mr. Frank and toured Hammer Headquarters, my belief in HAMMER and what it stands for was only cemented in more firmly. Whether it is Recoverite, Endurolytes Extreme powder, Hammer Gel or Tissue Rejuvenator, I know that I would not be as consistently healthy without HAMMER endurance fuels and Daily Essentials. My only goal going forward is to stay consistently healthy, keep the streak alive, race some ultras throughout the year, and promote HAMMER to the athletes I coach as well as to the community I run and race in.

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