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Gabrielle Suver

Triathlon - Hammering Since: 2020

I came from a mediocre collegiate running background but turned to triathlon in 2014 post-college due to excessive injuries caused by battling an eating disorder in high school and early college. As my body recovered from the damage of the eating disorder, I slowly became stronger and faster despite being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease as well as some other health issues (asthma, allergies, immune deficiency, etc). Hammer Nutrition helped me learn how to properly fuel and care for my body to perform. I turned professional in Duathlon in 2020, so far, I have finished 6 Ironman triathlons since 2021. Just turned professional in triathlon in the middle of 2022 and debuted at Ironman Arizona with a 15th pro female finish. This spring, I broke 10hrs at Ironman Texas with a 9:55:05 and keep getting faster each year, even in short distances (PRed my 5k this  year with a 17:58 and half marathon 1:22:29). I still have a lot to learn and much room for improvement, but I’m excited to see how far I can get in the sport!

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