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Endurance News Magazine

#137 January / February / March / April 2024

Since 1993 Endurance News Magazine has grown to become the leading alternative source of information covering important topics including diet, nutrition, fueling, & recovery for endurance athletes of all types and ages.

At roughly 64 pages per issue, our authors reach upwards of 65,000 of our most active clients 4 times per year.

Weekly online articles can be found here:
Endurance News Weekly

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Endurance News provides informative and inspirational content to help endurance athletes like you achieve peak performance and health. The views expressed favor a healthy diet, hard training that emphasizes quality over quantity, and prudent supplementation to improve health and performance.

Service: From day one, we’ve strived to treat each client fairly, honestly, and individually. Your trust is our top priority.

Education: We educate and empower athletes with free, easily accessed information on health and performance.

Principles Before Profits: Profits never take priority over our values. If it says "Hammer Nutrition," it’s good for you.


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