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Event sponsorship requirements & expectations

Product package offering: (Will vary depending on the Tier selected)

  • Hammer Nutrition Goody Bags with brand samples
  • On course: HEED hydration mix to be served in 5 Gallon Coolers
  • Additional products can be purchased at a 50% discount - This discount is dependent on your follow-through on the below sponsorship requirements.

Please note:

  • All of the nutritional products are FREE of charge. The product is calculated at Retail Prices
  • We ask that you pay for all shipping & handling costs
  • Credit Card required to be on file to pay shipping charges prior to the release of the order. Please call us at 800-336-1977 to submit billing information upon contract acceptance

Event sponsorship is dependent upon the following:

  1. 1 time fee for Branded event collaterals which will be owned by the race organization (Will vary depending on the Tier selected)

  2. Hammer Nutrition is the exclusive nutrition supplier for your event. If any other nutrition sponsor is added during our sponsorship, including "The Feed" and "Pickle Juice", this will result in Hammer Nutrition revoking the sponsorship agreement.

  3. Within 7 days of the contract signature, the Hammer Nutrition logo must be displayed on your event website with a click-through link. If this requirement is not met, Hammer Nutrition reserves the right to cancel your event sponsorship.

  4. Within 7 days of contract signature, 5 entry codes must be provided for Hammer-sponsored athletes. If this requirement is not met, Hammer Nutrition reserves the right to cancel your event sponsorship.

  5. You must email an accurate participant count 3 weeks prior to the event. We will hold the order until the participant count is confirmed. Hammer Nutrition will also call within a week of shipping to re-confirm the participant count. Hammer Nutrition reserves the right to re-evaluate and revise the product order based on exact participant counts.

Requirements of branding in exchange for product support:

  • Set up: Please refer to the image for reference
  • Aid Station: HEED cooler sleeves for each cooler
  • Banners: Displayed in a visible location
  • Athlete packet pick-up: Goody bags to be stuffed with samples provided
  • Email & Social Media Acknowledgement using templates provided
  • Post Event Form - In order to renew for the following year's event, complete the post event form that will be emailed to you directly after your event. The form will require the following:

    The actual number of participants

    Leftover Products Inventory: quantity and type of product left.
    Hammer Nutrition® forbids selling or otherwise dispensing of leftover products in any way

    Upload photos of:
    • Your team packing Hammer goodie bags with the product.
    • Packet Pickup
    • Banners placed in hi-visibility areas.
    • Course tape on course if applicable.
    • Aid Stations
    • Finish Line
    • Hammer athletes if applicable
    • Podiums
    • Tent set up where applicable

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