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Locally Strong

All Year Long


On this July 4th holiday, and all year long, Hammer Nutrition is proud to be truly local. We hire local. We source local. We support local. While Hammer Nutrition products can be found all across the globe (in 24 countries, to be exact), our standard originates here at home, in Montana.

Sourcing Local: The Model of Concentric Circles

Hammer Nutrition's headquarters are located in the charming and beautiful mountain resort town of Whitefish, MT. For ingredients, services, materials, partnerships and other sources we need, we begin here at the center circle. If we can't find what we need in Whitefish, we look to our next outer circle, which is the surrounding Flathead Valley. If we can't get it here, we broaden our search to the next circle, which is all of Montana. Outside of Montana, we then look to the surrounding Pacific Northwest, and then to the rest of this great country. Made in the U.S.A. might not be something you see very often anymore, but Hammer Nutrition's consumable products have always been - and always will be - 100% U.S.A. manufactured. We also use U.S.A.-made ingredients whenever possible, regardless of the cost. Principles always come before profits here at Hammer Nutrition.

Supporting Local: The Importance of Community

Hammer Nutrition supports local shops over chain stores, and we hope you do too. Your towns' bike shop, for example, can provide you with a wealth of knowledge and information, and the personal attention that you won't get at a box store or online retailer. When it comes to your health and fitness, it's worth taking the time to talk with an expert and get it right.

We are proud supporters of local organizations, charities, schools, arts, races and other athletic events. While we are deeply rooted in our local community, our Hammer Nutrition customers are a vital part of our health and fitness community nationwide. To our Hammer family in Whitefish, and all across the country, have a Happy Independence Day!

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